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  1. And how would you approach rough reflections / refractions? Edit: I kinda figured out, you can use angle argument to somewhat fake it. But it appears there is no way to match reflectivity / roughness of the surface shader?
  2. Wow, thanks for the pointer! Curiously, though, I had to edit your inline code, as it had typographic open / closed quotes. I wonder if it is somehow related to OS locale. Other than that, it works excellent and makes me wonder why such functionality is not built in.
  3. Baking color channel

    To make proper basecolor output, you need to add hidden mantra parameter Add Baking Exports to Shader Layers
  4. Hi. Is it possible to reflect/refract Extra Image Planes (AOV)?
  5. Mantra environment light texture resolution

    I've encountered this as well. Turns out, there is a HIDDEN mantra parameter, that controls resolution of environment maps! Why hide such important parameter is beyond my understanding.
  6. Wow! Amazing find! Gonna give it a try!
  7. Hi. Is there any way to access and expand those toolbars via Python?
  8. COPS memory leak

    I've noticed that too. It doesn't free up memory, and over time completely fills it up so you have to restart.
  9. Sorry for bumping old thread, but I can't seem to get it working. Upon pressing "Local Render" button the shell window briefly pops up and immediately disappears and no rendering is performed.
  10. Create multiple FEM over time?

    So, whatever happened to this idea? I'm also curious if it would help to stabilize / speed up simulation.