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  1. Curl Noise

    @catchyid Thnaks for the reply. I managed to achieve something similar just adding and tweaking some noise to the UVs in a PointVOP.
  2. Curl Noise

    Hey! might sound like a really easy thing to do, but after weeks trying to figure out how to generate a fluid-similar simulation I couldn't find the right solution. I am basically trying to convert the particles into a fluid sim without much luck. So far I've added some curl noise and a cd ramp to a particle sim, but I have no idea how to recreate an effect similar to this one. Peace
  3. Spotlight instancing on deforming geo

    @Sean-R Thanks for the reply man. Had no luck with the Instance SOP at the obj level so went for a copy SOP. Still is giving me no lights although they're scattered around the geo. example.hip
  4. Hey all, Apologize in advance for the noobiness, but this must be the right place where to ask. I'm trying to instance more than one Spotlight to a deforming geometry. What I've done so far was scattering points over a mocap and riveting a spotlight on a single point. My question is: Is it possible to procedurally instancing spotlights on every single point, possibly following the normals of the deforming geo? Might sound a tricky question so that's my .hip file attached {{ dnw5.hip }} Much love