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  1. Hi everyone, Because of my job for the past year or so I have been using Maya for anything related to fx work and so, I have forgotten a lot of the workflows I took for granted in Houdini. Now, I am trying to get my head back in the game but I am having a bit of trouble transfering attributes and controling states in dops from sops operators. In the file I am attaching (which is based on an example I found right here on odforce), I am trying to get the Ground object I have in my scene to start breaking when the color attribute in the sops conext is red. It's not working right now and I am trying to find out what I am doing wrong. As you can see in the attached file, I tried to do it two ways (active value and glue) but I failed misserably on both counts. Can someone please explain to me what I am doing wrong? Also, if I wanted to set my velocity to the transfered N direction of the sphere object, how would I go about doing that? I know it is a hustle but, if you have the time, I would really appreciate any help. Best regards, George
  2. Ok... I have been away from these forums for quite a while... now i am back and i have a serious question... Most of you are professionals working in the industry and all... I had an idea for a vfx reel of trying to replicate vfx scenes from various movies so that i can show what i can do to my future employer... On the other hand, they might think that i dont have the imagination to create my own scenes and be creative... What is your take on this? Should i create something totally new or recreate famous effects? Thanks in advance for any replies..
  3. i have an oldie radeon 7200..... Houdini runs.... Very slow but runs nevertheless.... Geforce cards though are supported better by most 3d progs... So buy one of those....
  4. Because i am working on something else right now for my job I will get on it later.... Thanks for all your suggestions guys.... One last thing... I have a problem using the VEX to control particle color... Because i want to give the particles a spark figure is there a node to connect to the opacity of the material that lets you use an image to control the opacity... Basically I am after the clip map if any of you know it by this name... Thanks in advance once again and excuse me both for my english and my stupid questions...
  5. thanks a lot dante.. This was what i was looking for.... By the way, is there a way to give rotational and positional diferrencies per particle??? Not with the force but with interaction on particle level to create something like a small ai solution.... thanks in advance...
  6. I wanna know if there is another way of doing other than writting a script for it.... Thanks in advance...
  7. copy some metaballs on curves that represent the letters and animate the curves and the metaball size.... C ya...
  8. you reinstall the program using the repair option for 5.5.... Had the same prob and it was fixed....
  9. icedeyes


    I am really new to houdini.. Just one month but i think that it can be done with i3d with low transparency and particles coming out of a sphere with a low antigravity factor to give it the spread amount it needs.... Also, you must use the sort operator to make the random birth... Just some tips from a newbie.. C ya...
  10. icedeyes


    Hey guys... I have been using houdini for less than a month but i will try to complete this chalenge... Love houdini but it takes a while to get used to... I am also using xsi and maya at the moment but the adjustment period wasn't as long as i expected it to be... Basically, just wanted to say that i will try and hi to everybody out there using houdini....
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