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  1. could you make a screenshot of that sop solver? is it working with a moving geo? thanks
  2. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Add surface tension(+adhesion) against collision as well for nice small scale fluid sims.
  3. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    It would be great if I could select nodes with lasso selection
  4. Hi guys, I would like to create a wet surface setup. Can anyone help me how can I achive that the streams merge once they get to a cetrain distance? (like on reference image) (attached a test hip file) dropletsQuestion00.hip
  5. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    It would be great if I could select nodes with lasso selection
  6. Rendering light & shadow

    fencer unfortunately I can't open h16 file dave: Yes I can get the shadow in alpha channel but not the light. Can I get that as well somehow? *Maybe I figure it out
  7. Rendering light & shadow

    Unfortunately it does not work properly in my setup. (And also couldn't render your scene because of an error message.) I guess I'll have to find another method. Thanks again
  8. Rendering light & shadow

    Thanks for the effort, Unfortunately I could not open your hip file with H15.5 but I tried to set this material up but no success so far. I'm not sure if the constant type is correct (or any other value)
  9. Hi, I am pretty new to Houdini and I've got a noob question: how can I only render the light and shadow on the ground without the ground? Thanks a lot, Máté
  10. rbd with flip sim

    I thought it's an easy one
  11. rbd with flip sim

    Hey guys! I'am pretty new to Houdini and I need some help now. I've set up an rbd destruction and I want fluid to interact with it. Here is the reference I want to achive: The fluid I set up was either incredibly slow to sim or just did not stay inside the collision object. I didn't find any good tutorial for this kind of flip-rbd interaction. Could you recommend any method you would handle this problem? I atteched my hip file so you can see what a mess I made Thanks a lot, Máté bottle001.hipnc