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    Advect a bunch of particles with volume and apply additive shader on it. Play with gamma(down) and gain(up) in comp. Done. I'm pretty sure this effect was made this way. Also you can noise an attribute on the particle source and use this as life so it can help you bring out more detail. If you need a layer with alpha as well you can just divide age and life with a ramp.
  2. could you make a screenshot of that sop solver? is it working with a moving geo? thanks
  3. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Add surface tension(+adhesion) against collision as well for nice small scale fluid sims.
  4. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    It would be great if I could select nodes with lasso selection
  5. Hi guys, I would like to create a wet surface setup. Can anyone help me how can I achive that the streams merge once they get to a cetrain distance? (like on reference image) (attached a test hip file) dropletsQuestion00.hip
  6. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    It would be great if I could select nodes with lasso selection
  7. Rendering light & shadow

    fencer unfortunately I can't open h16 file dave: Yes I can get the shadow in alpha channel but not the light. Can I get that as well somehow? *Maybe I figure it out
  8. Rendering light & shadow

    Unfortunately it does not work properly in my setup. (And also couldn't render your scene because of an error message.) I guess I'll have to find another method. Thanks again
  9. Rendering light & shadow

    Thanks for the effort, Unfortunately I could not open your hip file with H15.5 but I tried to set this material up but no success so far. I'm not sure if the constant type is correct (or any other value)
  10. Hi, I am pretty new to Houdini and I've got a noob question: how can I only render the light and shadow on the ground without the ground? Thanks a lot, Máté
  11. rbd with flip sim

    I thought it's an easy one
  12. rbd with flip sim

    Hey guys! I'am pretty new to Houdini and I need some help now. I've set up an rbd destruction and I want fluid to interact with it. Here is the reference I want to achive: The fluid I set up was either incredibly slow to sim or just did not stay inside the collision object. I didn't find any good tutorial for this kind of flip-rbd interaction. Could you recommend any method you would handle this problem? I atteched my hip file so you can see what a mess I made Thanks a lot, Máté bottle001.hipnc