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  1. Thank you, for your advise Tomas! It looks better now.
  2. Hey Guys! This issue is driving me crazy! When I try to render my model I get a bad artifacts in the shadows. I think its most mantra problem. Tried different renders (Redshift, Arnold) everything is ok. Tried many debugs. Did anyone had a chance to encounter this problem? Images and scene attached. bug_scene_v001.hip
  3. Hi, Bjorn! Thank you. We have to try this one. Sounds like a good solution till we have a deadline and redshift working properly and rendering directly. P.s. Thanks for instructions
  4. Hi. you can use "Convert Line" node to make curves from your edges and then blast the unwanted curves as you already have a group.
  5. Hi JpFly ! Did a lot research on that topic with no success. In my case I think that was of Redshift version that I used that time. If any of you guys could solve that problem, that will make us all happy)
  6. Hi All ! Did anyone of you guys have Houdini 18 Hqueue issue? In my case, After houdini 18 installation, I decided to upgrade hqueue (from 17,5) to 18. The issue is : Everytime I submit a job to Hqueue, the IFD generation starts normally, till the last frame IFD is done and "master IFD generation job" shows me a "FAILED" status. After that, the clients assigned to render and maschines seem to be rendering. At the end of each frame the status of frame also turns to"FAILED". But when I check the render folder in the output directory, all renderings are done and look fine. Did anyone have a chance to encounter such kinda problem? Tried to downgrade back to 17,5, works good, as it should be. Upgrading also brings the upshown issue. I'll be glad of any help.
  7. Hey, Zino! I think now I'm having the same issue as you. I submit job to deadline but render output files are missing when I try to use redshift. No problems if I submit mantra or cache jobs to deadline. Did you find a way to figure this out? Will be glad if you share.
  8. Hey guys! I'm trying to setup deadline for a couple of machines for rendering in houdini with redshift. Deadline setup is ok. Caching and mantra rendering jobs finished successfully. When it comes to redshift job, deadline also receives it and distributes. But the rendering process happens very fast and there are no render output files in the output directory. Also while deadline saying that the job is rendering the video card doesn't seems involved. Did anyone have a chance to encounter such kind of problem. Any help appreciated.
  9. Hey guys. Thanks for your responsiveness. Clear, also thought that it could be a gpu issue and tried my scene on another machines, same problem. Didn't send a message to sidefx cause I thought this issue could be solved in some settings dialogue. Will upload a scene file. Yeah, Ryew already checked that display options, unfortunately the problem not solved.
  10. Hey guys! Got an issue with 17.5 while trying to copy packed geometry onto scattered points. When I try to copy any packed primitive on my scattered points in 17.5 build, everytime the point number goes over 100 or 200 points i cant see bounding box geometry of my packed prims in viewport (only points that I was scattering onto). Did anyone figure this out or encountered that problem before. Maybe it's a some kind of viewport optimization. Any help appreciated.
  11. Thanks for your responsiveness Jiri. Thats really cool idea. But I think this method won't work in my case, cause I'm reading my geo as packed disk primitive. And I would like to solve this during shading.
  12. Hi, community. Let's say I have an object in my scene and I want to change it's color in render depending on camera height (view direction). For example : when i'm looking from above to that object I want to color it orange, otherwise to color it blue. The first idea I had was to compute dot product in shopnet between I(vector) and another manually created up(vector) pointing up. But the result did not make me happy. For some reason on the rendering image it separetes an object and colors it from the center of an image. And it does't matter from which angle I'm looking at it. The separation line is always at the center. Did anyone confront with this kind of problem? Will be grateful if Anyone colud hepl me with that. Also, attached a rendered image.
  13. Thanks a lot for your advise, Yon. I'll surely try to do that. But now I've started thinking what it would be like if i had more particles. And its very easy to get confused while working with takes. Is there any way to put my Rop ouput in some kinda FOR loop? That will take each point, simulate its smoke and output its cache to disk?
  14. Hello everyone. I've did not encounter that challenge before. I'm trying to simulate an exlosion with flying out of particles that should leave smoke train behind them. It's takes a lot of time and resources to simulate them all at once. I've decided to simulate them separetely. I've already saved my main explosion cache to disk by using Rop Output node. And now I want to simulate and save to disk each particle smoke simulation one by one. Is there any way to do that automatically? Does anyone have any an opinion how to do that? It's not a big deal if i had let's say 5 particles but in my case I have 25. I would be graceful if Anyone could help me with that question.
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