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  1. Fracture Threshold in FEM

    Thanks for the hip file! I was also wondering if there's a way to find the best fracture threshold value or if it's just an arbitrary value that I need to test out?
  2. Fracture Threshold in FEM

    I've tried setting the attribute in a wrangle without any luck. Is it a point or prim attribute for these? I think I also read somewhere that they are vertex attributes.
  3. Fracture Threshold in FEM

    Hi guys, I wanted to do some soft body ripping effect and FEM seemed to be the best tool for the job. I'm having trouble holding the fractured pieces together until impact however, and it immediately breaks apart when gravity is active. Do I need a constraint to hold the pieces together like as one would with a typical RBD/Bullet set up and break them in a SOP solver? I figured that the fracturethreshold attribute is the clue, but I tested with values as high as 20000000 and as low as 0.00000001 with no visual changes. Thanks in advance!