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  1. Hi,When I use Plant Guides tool, it does not give me more than one segment upon creation (neither I can increase afterwards), it does not take into consideration what is entered in Default Segments field. What can I do to get desired number of segments when using Plant Guides tool? Thx.
  2. Hello,I have 2 questions about the hair:1. When I paint the density attribute the hair guides are reacting based on the vertices, i.e. when I hit only a vertex guides disappear (or appear). It means that with low polygon count I can't avoid stepped guides boundary. But with more subdivisions it is practically impossible to work due to long cooktime after each brush stroke… How can I deal with the guides between the vertices without increasing subdivision? Attachment below describes it.2. To delete hair guides (for example, for hairline or beardline on the head) I use Length Adjust shelf tool with Target Length value of 0.001 (complete 0 is impossible), but this still leaves hairs roots as dots when rendered. Is there a cleaner way to delete the hair neatly along the boundary?
  3. Well, before anyone replies, I found the answer to my question. In Houdini 16 I had to use "RBD Hero Object" insted of "RBD Object", which creates an RBD packed object, causing contents of the rigid body node behave individually.
  4. Hi everyone, I am new to Houdini, so I want to ask such a question. In previous versions of Houdini when I created RBD objects from a node (which has inside several objects), it handled the node and its contents as whole, but in Houdini 16 it is different, I mean it handles its contents as individual pieces. I guess it is due to that Houdini 16 creates an RBD packed object. How can I achieve so it handles the node as a whole?