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  1. Hi, I was wondering, which pop attributes does the dop-pop solver uses to compute movement, also what's their mathematical relationship? I've got so far: v force targetv airresist the reason is that I'm not sure about the targetv-airresist force v interactions and I'd like to build a boids based crowd system and mix the use of pop fields and pop wrangles where I further manipulate v directly. Many thanks
  2. Hi, could you kindly point me to the environment variable which controls where presets are stored? I had a quick skim through hconfig - a but can't find it. Many thanks!
  3. Quick question, what's the command line tool to merge two tiled rendered frames together (using the rop tiled render option)? Cheers
  4. Hi Martin, Thanks for the heads up, I asked sidefx support as well and was told they're not developing it. I suppose I'd still like to know if H16 would provide the capability for users to build their own cryptomatte compatible aovs.
  5. Hi, I'd like for my dept to adopt it: Has progress been made to export cryptomatte aovs in mantra? We can help beta testing / trialing if needed. Please let me know Many thanks Luca
  6. Thanks, I'm getting closer now. The problem is that as in the case of image plane parameters they're specified as vm_channel_plane# however python param and parmTemplate calls expect parameter names to be explicit (i.e. vm_channel_plane23). Setting the conditionals dict to explicit parameters does not seem to apply in this case
  7. Hi, I'd like to access the 'Hide When' parameter field in 'Edit Parameter Interface' via python. The idea is to access this field and store a string such as "{ showmoreinfo == 1 }". Is there a way to easily do this? I searched and found workarounds which involve calling the hide method i.e. hou.parm('/out/mantra1/vm_lightexport_scope21').hide(1) but this result in an inefficient system requiring hoops to achieve what I want. Any ideas? Thanks Luca
  8. I've had thinkbox adding a variable called IGNORE_INPUTS ( i think that's how it is called, I'm not in front of my PC) years ago to resolve this issue, no need to edit any deadline installation python files! this is what I use in my submitToDeadline to prevent any rop from cooking any of its inputs. obviously this would require you to handle the rop dependencies manually via code. this is handy if you intend building your own dag algorythm for parsing the rop branch. that's what submitToDeadline does internally. L
  9. Update: I passed the overridden variable HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH by adding it to hq_sim and I can see it is set correctly in the client -as seen from the client properties log- however the client doesn't load otls from the ~/USERNAME/houdini/14.0/otls
  10. Hi, we're looking into hqueue and noticed that hqueue clients don't inherit the environment or the otl paths. i.e. otls stored on ~/houdini14.0/otl are not made available to the client. (I'm having a look at the hqueue docs but can't find anything regarding this. Also manually adding the otl_scan_path variable in the hqueue rop and submitting a job doesn't seem to pass the variable to the client on the farm.) Is there a way to configure hqueue so that clients would launch a specific wrapper? or simply inherit the current environment including otl_scan_path? Thanks for your help L
  11. Cool! I'm going to release an update in a couple of weeks and also dropping the price quite a lot for the compiled version and introducing a more expensive otl with exposed source code. I'll let you know as soon as the new versions are out on orbolt.
  12. Thanks for the nice words, I think it is placed at a very competitive price for small/middle sized studios (the cost for the time of a pipelineTD building something similar would be many times higher). BTW it is now live at the orbolt website https://www.orbolt.com/asset/Simultools::submitToDeadline Have you tried using the environment variable DEADLINE_PATH to construct the path to the deadline executable? that env variable should always be present whether you have a local installation of the deadline client or a remote installation. That is pretty much what I use in my olt.
  13. Hi, I've completed and uploaded to the orbolt store my rop otl submitToDeadline . Who is it for: If you’re a Houdini freelancer or a mid-sized studio and you are looking to use Houdini on the renderfam in the most productive and painless way, and your renderfarm is managed with Thinkbox’s Deadline software then SubmitToDeadline is for you. What is it: SubmitToDeadline is a self contained python houdini digital asset, it is quite powerful and handles all sort of dependencies automatically. It basically has similar features and functionalities of proprietary solutions seen at big vfx studios. Features: -Self contained Houdini Digital Asset -Automatic handle of all sort of dependencies -Solid algorythm to traverse networks and build accurate dependencies -All common rops are supported (currently excluding ‘fetch’) -Dependencies on a per-job basis -Mantra rops are submitted as two jobs (ifd and mantra) -Mantra sub-job dependencies on a per-frame basis Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJNoxD1hvI8 Webpage: http://simultools.com/submittodeadline Orbolt page https://www.orbolt.com/asset/Simultools::submitToDeadline
  14. Hi Igor, I tried it and it seems to error on the groups/pools fields and on submission (I'm on Linux). Funny timing, I've been developing a houdini to deadline submitter for quite some time, it's called submitToDeadline and is going to be made available real soon (stay tuned!). SubmitToDeadline supports all common rops, multiple submissions and complex dependencies, bypasses etc. It's quite similar in features to the proprietary solutions seen at highend vfx studios in London (but simpler to use): http://simultools.com/submittodeadline Video illustrating the main features can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJNoxD1hvI8 Thanks L
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