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  1. I want to scatter some trees as instance .rs files on my ground. I have a trees that contain around 130K points. I have scattered them on a grid, using redshift proxy files and instance. +My apporach: export each tree as .rs import on redshift proxy node. instance proxy scatter on grid the end.... rendertime fuqqen slooow(or is it)? +My comptuer: 32gb ram graphic cards one nvidia 1080 gtx and one nvidia 1070 gtx I have 1000 trees scattered, when i try to render the trees up close, one frames takes around 2 minutes to render, is this slow? When I checked out Atoms video on how to do something like this, he had a much faster render response, but his obj/rs. files was lower on points as mine objects are. Is this the main reason or am I using the redshift instance wrong? I'm not using his workflow, i import each .rs file on separate nodes. Thanks for any help at all I want to optimize my scene, but unsure if i need to reduce my points on each obj/rs or if i can do something else to reduce rendertime. SCENE FILE: redshiftProxy_v01.hiplc
  2. Growth DLA, orient/pscale problem

    Thanks alot man! Good solution, and thanks for explaining it aswell!
  3. I got this dla growth system, that generate new points from "old" points each frame. i want to instance different objects to the growing dla system. My problem is that when i use an attribute randomize "pscale" and "orient" to the growing points, that result that each point changes size for each frame, same goes for orient. Ive put my randomize in the solver, and was hope that would do it, but no luck. I guess i have to give each point a id attribute once its born, but not sure how to proceed. I went through entagmas toturial "Diffusion Limited Aggregation", that is where my dla/growth system is from, so im just going to give ewach point a randomize pscale and orient. Anyone know how to do this? dla_attribute_problem.hiplc
  4. FEM in 16.5

    Hi. Im trying to constraint points on a FEM object in H16.5 but cant select any points to constraint. Have anyone had this issue? I use the shelf tools, then do the following. 1- Constrain points to target 2- try to select objevct i vewiport, dont work, have to select it in Node menu/dop menu 3-cant select any of the points on my object in dops. In H16 i animated the Geo in sops, then added constraints to some points in Dops, then it worked. But i intalled 16.5 today, and i cant select any points. Im kind of lost. Ive read about upodates in H16.5 put i could not find any answer. Let me know if i didnt explain this good enough. SOLVED: i had to use a visibility node in sops to mark my tetras. fem_poins_issue.hiplc
  5. RDB ragdoll and FEM

    I have a baked agent and made a rbd ragdoll from it, and would like to throw it onto a FEM object(solid). When in DOP it wont interact with my FEM solid object. Anyone know how i can make my solid object react to the collision of the RBD? (I throw my RBD object using velocity on my rbd object). Let me know if i have not explained my self good enough.
  6. Audio channel to controll motion from MotionFX.

    Thanks guys i will check this out! if i get a kewl result i will share it here best Vegard
  7. Hi. Im using Motion FX --> Noise in translate/rotation channel to controll objects. Im wondering how i could controll motion from an audio track? in stead of using noise i would like to replace it with an incoming audio track. Anyone tried this before?
  8. Redshift Haird Render Problem

    How did you fix it? I would like to know Dont mind. Fixed!
  9. Add FEM to animated object? (mixamo fbx)

    Any luck with this? im trying to do this too, but cant seem to @cudarsjanis setup correctly. dont want to act spoiled, but hipfile anyone?
  10. Bursting Bubbles(particles)

    SOLVED. Used a "firework-metod" where i bursted out particle when my first one died.
  11. Hi.I want to emitt particles from a boiling geometry(geo with spheres, at a random lifetime). But i need to activate emitting just as my “boiling sphere” is at the end of its lifetime. Im using two popnets, but no sure if thats nessesary.I cant to it with keyframes expressions it seems, because my boubles has random lifetimes.Anyone know how to controll emmiting with expressions based on pscale or lifetime?Let me know if i havent explained it good enough.This is sort of an extension to the https://vimeo.com/152083535 [vimeo.com] tutorial on boiling geo.thanks ToForums.hiplc
  12. Smoke From POP

    Hi. Im new to smoke simulations and are no good at expressions. I have a simulation where I need to emitt smoke from particles. I want my smoke to burst/explode for just a minimum of time right after my particles dissapear/die. Like boiling bubles or something like that. Is there a good way to set up my smoke sim, so it starts from each particle in just at the end of my particles life and then make it explode? thanks for any help File to project: ToForums.hiplc
  13. Short and sweet OP centric lessons

    Ive followed your tutorials on converting bvh to cmd files, for how to use bvh/cmd on mocap biped 1. Is there an easy way to be able to use the mocap biped 3?(the new character in Houdini) I tried to use the 3rd the other day, by following your "[Houdini] Install BVH Into Mocap Crowd Agent" tutorial, but my rig get very twisted. I think it has to do with the order of bones/or name of bones are different. Are there any good ways to use mocap biped 3? thanks