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  1. Thank you so much!!!!!! That's silly and really screams #newbie
  2. unfortunately even rendering through the /out context doesn't not transfer the actual the geometry.
  3. Thank you for this! I'll try to make sense of it and report back! A friend made me notice there's something weird in the way the connect adjacent points behaves. I'll look in to that as well.
  4. Thank you Atom I can't exactly follow. I just placed the ROP_alembic at the end of the hierarchy.
  5. Hey there, I put together this dynamic fracturing following a tutorial. When I append a rop to export .abc, just the glue constraints splines get transferred, but not the geometry. Maybe the groups are not transferring correctly through the hierarchy? Can't figure out what I am missing. #n00b Thanks in advance. Here's the animated .abc I am using and attached is the .hip. breakdance.hip
  6. I figured it out! The attribute interpolate node obviously had to be placed after the popnet...
  7. I understood how the attribute interpolate node works! Thanks. But still I can't implement it in my setup... #n00b update: .hip attached boil_stick-particles_GETTING_SOMEWHERE.hip
  8. Thank you so much I'll go read some documentation and try to understand what you did there! will report back!
  9. Hello there, I am learning Houdini and I tried to apply the GeoBoil setup to a dancing humanoid. I am struggling to understand how to use attributes to constrain particles to their birth position on the moving mesh. I have read plenty of related topics, but I honestly can't come close to any solution. I tried freezing the mesh with time-shift, scattering points, using scattered points to generate particles in the POPnet and then restoring the animation, but of course the particles remain in the position they were generated and do not stick to the surface. I attached the basic setup file and the .abc I used. Thanks in advance! boil.hip