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  1. Hi, I created a few assets in Maya PaintFX, and exported them as an alembic cache, the have animation of 100 frames. I would like to repeat those animations and loop them (or maybe even reverse loop them) or overlap the animation, as you would do in Maya. Houdini does not have animation options in alembic file, so how would you loop said animation? Thanks!
  2. cool, I'll try that, thanks!
  3. Hey all, I'm using houdini 15.5 and I'm trying to expose edges (in a manner similar to vray curvature/ inverted ao- https://docs.chaosgroup.com/download/attachments/12085592/VRayCurvatureHero.png?version=4&modificationDate=1487005362000&api=v2), the manual says "If the negated normal is connected, will find exposed edges. @parameters" so I took global variables, took the P plugged it into the P, took the N and added negate node (also I tried multiply constant with -1 instead) and plugged it into nN, the bias direction is 0, 0, 0, and still all I'm seeing is occlusion dirt, same as with default settings. I know that there's a 'curvature' VOP, but it yields some weird results for me, so I would like to try the dirt instead and see if it's different, so please help:)
  4. yep, tangent space normals, should've mentioned that, although I think object space normals work with same system.
  5. Hi all, Not quite sure which coordinates by default Houdini Mantra uses for normal map, is it +X +Y -Z? I'm exporting Open GL normal maps from Substance Painter which were working like a charm in Maya, but seem not to be working correctly in Houdini? Here's the comparison for other softwares. Thanks! Software Red Green Blue 3ds Max X+ Y- Z+ Blender X+ Y+ Z+ CryENGINE X+ Y- Z+ Maya X+ Y+ Z+ Modo X+ Y+ Z+ Source X+ Y- Z+ Toolbag X+ Y+ Z+ Unity X+ Y+ Z+ Unreal Engine X+ Y- Z+