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  1. Using Mapbox on steroids node I downloaded a 16k colormap/heightmap/water map of a 24km terrain. Trying to convert it using a Heightfield_output node into a format useful for realtime, my system freeze using the whole 32GB RAM and didn't know how much virtual memory, till I need to force reboot. Want to ask for suggestions for managing this kind of resolutions what kind of resouces I will need. I can increase the RAM (max supported 64GB) or this is not enough. Also currently virtual memory is mapped to a slow HDD since all my other SSD didn't have enough space, so maybe another option will be to purchase a new big SSD to be dedicated for this activity, but not sure if even an NVMe drive is fast enough.
  2. Want to move Houdini to a faster drive but didn't find any information about how to move also my addons configurations, history and license, so to avoid needed to reconfigure all by hand.
  3. Using Mapbox sop (now testing the verison on steoroids that seems to have some more nice feature) I loaded part of a real terrain. Wanting to distribute assets on realtime engine based on specific features I'm using heightfields masks nodes, and want to export these masks, not as heightmap, but as details mask. I'm using Heightfield Output node, but nothing is saved locally. It's the correct node for achieving this task? ------- Edit: the question was dumb and the answer trivial: needed to enable with the flag the Output Layer section in the Output node.
  4. Following this tutorial at 15:22 he ask to edit the export_tangent_normals1 of the Mantra Surface Shader. Understood this shader was substituted/renamed with the Classic Shader in v16. Problem is I didn't find any node of the shader with these properties, any hint if I'm using the wrong shader or need to search anywhere else.
  5. Education license usage

    Will be possible to use Houdini Access to create my VFX animation and next transfer the assets to school machines with Education license for rendering in FullHD. With my NPO we are collaborating with a high school for our events, so that they can invest in Edu license for internal usage and rendering and we can just use the Access for development, if the previous workflow is correct.
  6. Render choice with old PC

    Did anyone have experience if working for NPO will be possible to have the Educational version. Understood the Apprentice does have any output watermarked so will be not usable even for NPO production. So didn't make sense to invest time learning if I didn't have finally access to a Edu license to convert what prepared with the Apprentice one.
  7. Started experimenting Houdini particles on my old PC (i7-860, 14GB RAM, HD7950Boost, SSD) I'm wondering if sticking only on particles might make sense look at 3d party renderer to speedup things on this hw or Mantra will be more than enough. Also there is a complete list of supported renderer, reading only about Arnold, RenderMan, Octane, Redshift, none of them able to leverage my AMD GPU.
  8. Ashamed to say reading here so many pro, I'm using an old PC with i7-860, 14GB RAM, HD7950Boost, SSD. My next planned upgrade does have Ryzen 1600, 16GB DDR4, same GPU and SSD, want to know if will be enough and if in the meantime I will be able to learn on current machine.
  9. As aspirant Houdini beginner with some sparse experience on 3D I'm interested only on particles. Currently experimenting with game engines, I did find them lacking features but with the invaluable advantage of artistic freadomness and easier learning due to instant feedback. Reading here and there I understood Houdini need really powerful hw and a lot of RAM, want to know from you experts if this is valid also limiting my activity only to particles, and maybe later something on PhyroFX. My goal is to have a responsive viewport at design time, I know rendering will be always slow.