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  1. Leaf Shader - How to get realistic translucency?

    As you can see in my post, I know PBR Diffuse has a translucency mode, but when I try to use it it renders black. This means i don't know how to use it correctly. I am looking for someone to help me understand how to implement PBR Diffuse because as a Houdini newbie I cannot figure it out.
  2. Leaf Shader - How to get realistic translucency?

    Hi, I am a 3dsmax user who is in the process of learning Houdini. I am trying to make translucent leaves and render them with Mantra. My efforts to figure this out have been quite frustrating. I currently have a leaf material I constructed using the "principledshader" node, but this node has no translucency options or settings. However using a principledshader is much easier for me to understand having come from 3dsmax, I know what many of the settings do and have applied opacity, diffuse color, roughness, and normal bitmaps and they look nice. After downloading the "leafTransparency_sh_v01.hip" file I gained some of an understanding of how to get translucency within a vopsurface node in the shop network. Unfortunately my understanding of the shop network is severely lacking, I can't even figure out how to apply a bitmap color texturemap to a vopsurface shader. Is it possible to pipe the results of a shop shader over into a mat/principledshader? In this thread it is mentioned that the "PBR Diffuse" node has a translucent Diffuse Model. This is where things get pretty frustrating as a 3dsmaxer learning Houdini. The PBR Diffuse node has a "layer" output and a BSDF "f" output. I have absolutely no idea where I can connect those to a principledshader node. I can set the PBR Diffuse node to be the material for the object I am rendering (instead of the principledshader), but the translucent Diffuse Model always renders completely black. Could anyone be so kind as to help me understand how to either get functioning translucency into the PrincipledShader, OR how to combine the results of the principledshader with a vopsurface shader so I get the elements I want from both?