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  1. Is there a trivial way to access the current frame buffer from a Hydra render delegate? I need to send the interactive render over a socket, so I need access to the raw pixel data. Or is it going to depend on the render delegate's SDK? Thanks.
  2. Wondering if there's a simple way to capture a buffer of the current rendered state of the Solaris Stage viewport. Given that the Hydra render delegate is specifically designed to be able to easily "bolt on" different renderers, I imagine it's exposed somewhere, but given that I'm new to both USD and the Houdini HDK I was hoping that someone would be able to point me in the right direction. In Maya I'd call, target = targetManager->acquireRenderTargetFromScreen(MString("viewport")); Is there an equivalent in Houdini, and more specifically the Solaris render viewport? Thanks.
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