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  1. Hello! So I'm not sure if I should be posting this in a Maya forum, but I'm having issues with constrained objects in Houdini. The object was rigged in Maya and then exported to be rendered in Houdini, but when brought into Houdini, on certain frames the parent constraints freak out and cause a weird effect ( show in the picture ) I've narrowed it down to the objects that are being parented. I've tried to delete the constraint and just parenting under the geo, still no luck. Has anyone else ever encountered this? If so what did you do to fix it? Thanks
  2. Deleting/ Editing Alembic Geo?

    Actually it's been solved. It turns out it was the namespace colons that maya does automatically, as colons are an illegal character in Houdini deleting them makes it editable. Thank you for all of your help.
  3. Deleting/ Editing Alembic Geo?

    Will this preserve animation ?
  4. Deleting/ Editing Alembic Geo?

    So I've attached my alembic as well as the settings on the alembic I've exported. test10.abc
  5. Deleting/ Editing Alembic Geo?

    Ok so I selected this setting and after importing it is still not working.
  6. Deleting/ Editing Alembic Geo?

    Is this in the import options? or the options after importing?
  7. Deleting/ Editing Alembic Geo?

    ok here is the file test.hipnc
  8. Deleting/ Editing Alembic Geo?

    how do I do that?
  9. Deleting/ Editing Alembic Geo?

    so I actually just figured out that if I do the same thing with an alembic exported from houdini, it works. The problem is that my alembic is exported from maya. Does anyone know what setting I'm missing in Maya to get this to work? Thanks
  10. Deleting/ Editing Alembic Geo?

    So I've exported an alembic from Maya, and brought it into houdini. I want to edit individual polygons inside the alembic. When I unpack and convert and then try to select the polygons I want to delete I get the error.
  11. Deleting/ Editing Alembic Geo?

    It won't let me edit individual polygons before unpacking?
  12. I've unpacked the geo and converted it, When I try to selected and delete or group the polys I get the error "Attempt to access and object that no longer exists in Houdini" is there a way to delete individual polygons or groups? Thanks
  13. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to why my flip fluid sim seems to "compress" as my container moves. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Flip Fluid Collision Problems

    After changing to volume collisions it works, one last question though. Why do I need double polygons? Is there a way to have single polygons but increase collision thickness? Thanks!
  15. Flip Fluid Collision Problems

    So the advice worked! The water is staying where it's supposed to in the beginning, but then it will not leave the cup, its acting like there's and invisible polygon on the top stopping the particles from coming out. I've attached my scene file, the particles are supposed to go out and kinda "spray". splashFX_lookdev_v012.hipnc