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  1. Computational Fluid Dynamics

    sorry, i was never notified of this reply, but thanks a lot for the resources!
  2. Computational Fluid Dynamics

    Hey guys, im looking to step up my pyro/fluid understanding and study Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) since i already got an engineering background. My question, is CFD preferable to learn for computing simulations in houdini? Or maybe another branch of fluid calculations that i know not of? Thanks.
  3. Smoke Solver | Tips and Tricks

    Hey, thanks for sharing. I'm really confused by your hip file, i gotta say. And i have a bit of experience in Pyro, i also dove down into the solvers and smoke object and understood it from the core, but with your file, it felt like a nightmare (sorry). You're basically disabling everything on the solver and computing everything on your own, using your own forces, your own fields, your own equations. How did you come to the idea of creating all of these things? Can you walk me by your chain of thoughts, maybe i can understand a bit. Thanks
  4. Procedural Modeling Advice

    By Procedural Modeling i mean like making props for games, most houdini procedural modeling tuts i have are for game props, as it gives u the flexibility to edit in your model quickly and efficiently as your please.
  5. Procedural Modeling Advice

    Oh, i see. So that means unless i'm willing to work as a freelancer, practicing Modeling in Houdini is just a waste of time right?
  6. Procedural Modeling Advice

    Hey guys, after exploring most sides of Houdini, I'm surprisingly trying to settle on Procedural Modeling as my main focus :D I know it's a bit weird since it's not Houdini's strongest tool, but before Houdini, I have tried Modeling in Maya and Cinema 4D and failed, but with Houdini, it seems so logical and straight forward to my mind. I'm trying to get a job as a 3D Modeller using Houdini here in my country (Egypt), and i need some professional expert advice from you guys on some points regarding the market and Modeling in general (worldwide not just a specific country): 1- Is Houdini used widely in Modeling in the market or not yet? and why? and how much is Procedural Modeling popular nowadays in Games and Film as well? 2- I dunno much about texturing and I'm planning to learn a texturing software besides Houdini, so far I'm choosing Substance Painter, do you guys have any advice regarding this part? 3- Is Mantra good enough for me? Or do i have to dive into other renderers later? 4- How to constantly learn and upgrade myself in the right path? What else to learn? If you can give me advice from your professional experience, that would be great. 5- Any other advice you could give me is welcome, even abstract ideas, anything really. 6- One last thing There are different ways to approach Modeling in Houdini, i know that all methods are correct, but as a professional, do each one have like a standard method to approaching weird curves and irregular shapes efficiently? or you mix and match different approaches? Do you usually do low polygons baring in mind to subdivide the whole thing in the end or you can just model it all high quality from the beginning? I mean, how do you think and set your mindset before starting your work? :D Sorry for the long long post, appreciate your help guys. EDIT: I'm not a newbie who wants to explore Houdini, I'm already familiar with it and with all the resources available and I spent some time learning it. I'm seeking professional advice from experts because I'm applying for Modeling Jobs these days and i have 0 working experience in 3D.
  7. Hey guys, I'm trying to set materials to my Packed Disk Primitives using a Packed Edit SOP but for some weird reason, the material section of the node can't read the MAT path, just the SHOP path (as seen in screenshot 1). I tried to debug every step, everything seems fine, even the node reads the pieces' path (as seen in screenshot 2). What am i doing wrong?
  8. Houdini PC Build ($1200 - 1600$)

    UPDATE: Maybe i can go as high as 2000$ or a little bit higher, suggestions please.
  9. Houdini PC Build ($1200 - 1600$)

    Hey guys, I need to get a new PC and i have only (1200$-1600$) to spend, so this is my build so far: - CPU: AMD Ryzen 2700 (8 cores - 3.2 up to 4.1 GHz - 20 MB Smart cache) - GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1050 TI 4 GB VRAM - RAM: 48 or 64 GB RAM DDR4 - Storage: 2 TB HDD - 240 GB SSD - Board: B350 Gaming What do you think given the price limit? Is the GPU enough for the purpose (especially if i started using Redshift in the future)? Is SATA SSD good enough or I need M.2? Is the Board good enough when i need to upgrade in the future? If you would recommend I squeeze a little more money, what for? Thanks!
  10. Multithreading

    So basically, unless I'm doing heavy modeling, I'm fine with multicores with low Frequency, right?
  11. Multithreading

    Hey Guys i have a workstation with a Xeon E5-2660 Processor (lots of cores but only 2.2 GHz per core) How can i know what nodes are multi-threaded and what are single-threaded in Houdini? i wanna know where things start to get slow because of my cpu. I tried to google it but didn't find sth really useful.