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  1. Hey guys, I'm trying to set materials to my Packed Disk Primitives using a Packed Edit SOP but for some weird reason, the material section of the node can't read the MAT path, just the SHOP path (as seen in screenshot 1). I tried to debug every step, everything seems fine, even the node reads the pieces' path (as seen in screenshot 2). What am i doing wrong?
  2. Houdini PC Build ($1200 - 1600$)

    UPDATE: Maybe i can go as high as 2000$ or a little bit higher, suggestions please.
  3. Houdini PC Build ($1200 - 1600$)

    Hey guys, I need to get a new PC and i have only (1200$-1600$) to spend, so this is my build so far: - CPU: AMD Ryzen 2700 (8 cores - 3.2 up to 4.1 GHz - 20 MB Smart cache) - GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1050 TI 4 GB VRAM - RAM: 48 or 64 GB RAM DDR4 - Storage: 2 TB HDD - 240 GB SSD - Board: B350 Gaming What do you think given the price limit? Is the GPU enough for the purpose (especially if i started using Redshift in the future)? Is SATA SSD good enough or I need M.2? Is the Board good enough when i need to upgrade in the future? If you would recommend I squeeze a little more money, what for? Thanks!
  4. Multithreading

    So basically, unless I'm doing heavy modeling, I'm fine with multicores with low Frequency, right?
  5. Multithreading

    Hey Guys i have a workstation with a Xeon E5-2660 Processor (lots of cores but only 2.2 GHz per core) How can i know what nodes are multi-threaded and what are single-threaded in Houdini? i wanna know where things start to get slow because of my cpu. I tried to google it but didn't find sth really useful.