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  1. Hello, I just started with Houdini, and tried to make a sweep kinda thingy with VEX (part of a larger plan). I cannot seem to figure out how to get around this problem. When I scatter points around my existing point, they are not rotated, I assume because the points I drew have no normal whatsoever. I want them like the red lines in the attachment. I tried to do a lookat from one point to the next, but I cannot figure out what to do next. //define variables float twopi = 3.14159 * 2; float theta = 0; float step_angle = twopi / (float)85; float x, z; vector pos; matrix n; // define line rotation // add points while(theta < twopi) { x = @P.x + cos(theta) * .05; z = @P.z + sin(theta) * .05; pos = set(x, @P.y, z); addpoint(0,pos); theta += step_angle; } Any help would be appreciated.