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  1. Modelling Parts for a Pillar

    Great Job, thanks for pitching in. I am still learning, to use functions, and this will certainly help me along the way. Thanks, Kumar
  2. Modelling Parts for a Pillar

    Hi there, i some help in procedural modelling some parts for a pillar asset i am working on. I have some hacked up replacements which is fine for now, but i want to improve and get it to a better stage faster and more flexible. So please pitch in and help me out if you can. A.) The cap or in math (astorid with a bevel at the ends i guess). (So that i can control the cap with a single parameter radius) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astroid B.) Spiral Corners (Only stumped on the sprial at the end part, i need mine to be more like the picture you see below) Attached are screenshots of my progress so far.
  3. Sweep with UVs

    Thanks for the reply, its cleared up a lot of stuff for me. Now just wondering, how scott managed to pull it off, anyway never got a chance to analyze his entire graph so we pass on.
  4. Sweep with UVs

    Thanks, for the quick reply. can you explain why the attribute wrangle node @uv[1] = @uv[0] ? Scott has the arclen function his setup, which i was also trying but somehow never got it to work. He also has a attribute promote which also is confusing me. Care to explain a little on this. Anyway, i did a resample and arclen and found the uvs to be a bit better, attached is the updated file. Sweep_uvs2.hiplc
  5. Sweep with UVs

    Hi everyone, i was watching scott keating's GDC video on procedural modelling, and i have an issue with the UVs and the sweep node, that he shows working with polygons. If anyone can show me a basic sweep with proper uvs, it would be great.
  6. Edge Dispalcement Shader

    Well since no-one has replied, i thought i'd upload the fix, hope this would help someone. 06_DisplacementShader.hiplc
  7. Edge Dispalcement Shader

    With the new tutorial I am trying to somehow get this to work with default mantra, like the original tutorial, But i have some issues, hoping someone will point me in the right direction. I have attached the hip file here hoping someone will download, and correct it and show me how its to be done correctly for mantra. EdgeDisplacement_01.hiplc