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  1. I've made an HDA after following a procedural modelling tutorial for a sweep node that contains UV's (im working in 17.5, tutorial is in 16.5). Everything works except that the shape doesn't close properly in one corner of the model, despite me selecting Skin Output as 'Skin with Auto Closure' . The tutorial uses an 'Ends' node to help with the unwrapping, but seems to prevent one corner from closing. I removed the Ends node and the corner closes, but then the UV's are all messed in that area. All can be seen in these issues im having in these images..if anyone can help that would be grand. HDA is also attached. thanks Super_Sweeper.hda
  2. Just wondering if it's possible to get .Uasset files from UE4 into Houdini. There are some free models (Paragon models) that i'd like to play around with in Houdini, but im not sure it's even possible to import them. Thanks
  3. Need help exposing Material ID's on object made in 3ds Max

    Thanks again Noobini, ill try alembic for the quads preserving. Yeah, the Goz tool i have been using for ages between Zbrush and Houdini, the workflow was seamless and created a file containing all the Material ID groups without having to mess around with FBX's and the string of contexts the FBX file type creates upon import into Houdini. But.. i had to switch to 3ds Max for the modeling reasons - much better for larger-scale things.
  4. Need help exposing Material ID's on object made in 3ds Max

    ok, right. sorry for all these noob questions, your time's really appreciated. It's just been a slow getting used to the 3ds max workflow - it was much easier working with Zbrush - the goz tool made things extremely simple. Just lastly, on the bakes ive done, i keep getting artifacts - visible on the normal map only (the white/grey model picture). I've tried flipping the normals on the Y-Axis, but still getting the artifacting. Ive baked it numerous times with difference settings, but just no luck. Ive noticed that Houdini completely changed the geometry on the FBX - turned everything into triangles..could this be what's creating the artefacting? Im so near to getting this sorted and being able to get on with just texturing these things in Painter (that im much more familiar with), but this last hurdle has me stumped. edge_high.fbx edge_low.fbx
  5. Need help exposing Material ID's on object made in 3ds Max

    Thanks, that works fine now. Can I ask why .obj files don't carry this Material ID info into Houdini? FBX, afaik, establish contexts only at object level which makes merging a high and low FBX for doing an exploded bake impossible (which need to be at sub-object).
  6. Need help exposing Material ID's on object made in 3ds Max

    Thankyou so much for this, just getting back to this now an realising I wasn't making Materials ID's - i was just applying Mats (I didn't know the difference). I actually couldn't access the .fbx you linked, either in Max or Houdini, but I followed your instruction to turn the Alpha to 100% and to do the Material ID groups. I am getting the material channels in the FBX when I open it in Houdini, but they are not visualised/coloured like yours - most of the model is black, even though parts of the model are separated. It; not a big deal, but still really annoying that I can't get it working perfectly. Heres' the new .fbx that I made My_attempt_fix.fbx also, my 2 fbx's are importing to totally different locations and both at object level - if i wanted to do an exploded bake together they would need to be at the same sub-object level, but there doesn't see to be a way for importing them both to the same sub-object context.
  7. Need help exposing Material ID's on object made in 3ds Max

    Thanks for your help. Ive ended up detaching every part in Max and importing it that way, seems to preserve the different regions of the mesh. Just using the material editor didn't work. Thank you
  8. Need help exposing Material ID's on object made in 3ds Max

    Thanks, did you work that out from viewing the file i attached? Im a bit of a noob in max myself, and see there are a variety of different materials i can choose from, which would say confrom to a 'standard' material? Weird thing is im pretty sure i did use a standard material though
  9. Need help exposing Material ID's on object made in 3ds Max

    Hi, yeah i made sure emded media was ticked when i exported it from Max Edge_Low.fbx
  10. Need help exposing Material ID's on object made in 3ds Max

    Thanks, though when i bring in the FBX the material groups aren't retained. The first image is from Max, with all the materials applied (as multi/sub-object), but then Houdini sem to ignore sections of the model (the windows, the seat) as well as create a heaving looking yellow mesh. Im pretty new using this program, can you tell where i might be going wrong? last image here is what the material setup looks like
  11. Hi, I need some help exposing materials on an object made in 3ds Max. Im modeling the assets in 3ds Max and sending them into Houdini to Unwrap, before sending them on to Substance Painter (then on to Unreal). It's a workflow that worked excellently when using Zbrush instead of Max, but i can't quite get Max to work with Houdini. Here is a visual example of what im getting across these softwares. The issue is that the material ID's i created in 3ds Max aren't locatable in Houdini. Ive tried exporting the objects from Max as .obj, .abc, and .fbx, but i just cannot get it to work like i did with zbrush, where you just make sure the polygroups are polypainted on the model before exporting/goz'ing to Houdini (polygroups/polypaint being zbrush's version of 3ds Max's material colour ID). Could someone please take a minute help me out. Many thanks
  12. How would I create a concave bevel?

    Thanks you, i'd come across the profile ramp before but had completely forgotten about it. Thanks for reminding me.
  13. How would I create a concave bevel?

    Hi, Trying to create a simple concave bevel in Houdini, like this in Blender, but cannot work it out...is it possible, and if so, how would I do it? I have the DM modelling tool in case there's a shortcut in that that someone knows of - the poly bevel tool doesn't seem to help. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks
  14. Group Select Been Turned Off..Please Help

    Your absolutely right, id not used Houdini in a while and had forgotten. Thanks for clarifying this.
  15. Hi, the usual way of selecting one edge then pressing shift, then on the same line, but further away, clicking on an edge and all the edges in between get highlighted has stopped working. It's pretty odd and is making selecting along subdivided objects almost impossible..could someone suggest why this has started happening (I'm guessing I accidentally turned something off - though have restarted Houdini and it's still happening). Thanks