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  1. I've been trying to reference a null in the flip object but it doesn't work (i.e the flip solver doesn't show anything) Here's my issue - https://imgur.com/a/vXUpqyR . What could I be doing wrong? It comes from following this section of the tutorial - https://vimeo.com/173335049#t=9m37s [vimeo.com] He's using Houdini 15..is that why its not working for me?
  2. Basic Nodes Needed for UV preservation after Flip Fluid Sim

    It looks promising for sure, only here (4min52) he copies the colour parameter in pointvop, but doesn't say where (or if) he pastes it. I follow everything he does and get this https://imgur.com/a/iOidwJM (the colours are all wrong). He's using version 15, maybe that's why?
  3. Basic Nodes Needed for UV preservation after Flip Fluid Sim

    Hi Atom, I've struggled to implement what you've suggested as im pretty new to Houdini. But I found a video that may demonstrate would your talking about. It's this: (the video is keyed to the time where he starts to promote points.) My issue (besides the video being a bit disjointed and hard to follow), is that it's an old version of Houdini and the workflow is quite different in 16.5 I have perhaps a simpler question regarding this image: https://imgur.com/a/BFrwz39 Firstly, I don't want to create a sim, just an object from a single frame from the sim - which is what the image above shows. However, I need to retain the shape and the UV's of image A for image B. I need the UV's and the ID maps attached, so I can then texture the newly shaped object in substance painter. As I mentioned I pretty new to Houdini, so any suggestions please keep it basic (if possible). Thanks
  4. Basic Nodes Needed for UV preservation after Flip Fluid Sim

    This all looks really promising, thank you. I haven't used promote before, though ive seen it being used, just didn't know what it's purpose was.
  5. The only tutorials I can find on preserving UV's after a flip fluid sim are for Houdini 16.0. I'm running 16.5 and have struggled to get the procedure right. SO far I have the Flip Fluid operation, then Convert to VDB (polygons?), then attribute transfer...however this doesn't really get me anywhere. If someone could list the string of nodes that I need i'd be really grateful.
  6. Hi all, I have some geometry that I would like to create a melted effect on. I don't need to simulate a melting object, just have the static object look like it has melted (i.e deformed like an object made of wax, which has melted) I will need to preserve the material id map (UV information) too. Any nodes or processes anyone can suggest? I have tried rigging it and then deforming it through that, and it looks ok, but I was wondering if there's a better technique. Thanks
  7. Replacing Houdini Ground Plane In UE4

    Thanks for the link. The scene is first person and I want the animation to trigger when the first person gets within a certain distance from the object. I'll try the texture vertex animation, Luis Kruel I think has a video on those.
  8. Replacing Houdini Ground Plane In UE4

    Thanks, I used the Terrain Object node, which turned the terrain to a ground plane.. though my issue now is that I can't trigger the animation in UE4, they will be baked into the FBX and i don't believe can then be controlled by parameters in UE4 .
  9. Replacing Houdini Ground Plane In UE4

    Novice Q: I'm exporting an RBD collision from Houdini to UE4, how do I replace the collision geometry of the groundplane in Houdini with the landscape i've created in UE4?
  10. Turning object to liquid upon impact

    Hey tamagochy, any chance you could elaborate for a novice? i'm pretty stuck.. My questions are 1) How do I 'copy' the 'strat' (strategic?) frame, 2) Where do I paste it (in which node and where?) and 3) I'm using rigid bodies solver so the object falls and retains UV's, but will turn it into FLIP fluid 1 frame before impact - Have i got this process right? This will be imported to a game engine btw, not sure sure if this will effect how I do all this. As for transferring UV's, im just going to following this tutorial -
  11. Assigning material to RBD

    God bless you Abyss for posting the solution to this, you saved me a few hours :-)
  12. Turning object to liquid upon impact

  13. Turning object to liquid upon impact

    Hi, just a quick question on this, How do I key-frame this FLIP sim to occur only upon impact? If i do what you suggest then the object is voxelized which messes up the UV's meaning that it won't receive the materials i've made. Basically, just need to know where to look to be able to work with materials within this sim.
  14. Turning object to liquid upon impact

    Thanks. I'll give that a go.
  15. Turning object to liquid upon impact

    Hello, I want to have an object (that i've modeled) drop from a height and upon impact with the floor turn into a liquid. There may be an obvious way through this but I'm new to Houdini, can someone suggest the nodes and/or processes I need to investigate to achieve this effect. Many thanks