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  1. Houdini character animation to Unreal Engine 4

    Hi, and thanks for the quick reply! Do you mean exporting the model back out of UE4 into Houdini and then back into UE4 and then making the skeleton in Unreal? I'd not heard of the autorig in Unreal, do you have a link to it by any chance? All i can see are Blender tutorials on Autorigging for Unreal. I will keep you updated if I have any success :-)
  2. Houdini character animation to Unreal Engine 4

    Hi, Was wondering if you can help. I'm trying to retarget a skeleton I made using Houdini Autorig in Unreal Engine, so i can control the character in 3rd person. Struggling to do this since most tutorials seem more about importing animations in Unreal, as opposed to making a skeleton that will work in Unreal. You seem to be one of the few people trying to work with UE4 and Houdini for animation purposes and I was just wondering if you have any suggestins/advice for what I'm trying to achieve. I did have a look at the Varomix tute, but again it's about importing animation cycles rather than retargeting. Thanks in advance :-)
  3. Starting out Modelling in Houdini - Experiencing basic issues

    Thanks Alexey, that's much clearer :-)
  4. Hello, I've started to experiment with modelling in Houdini and have encountered some roadblocks almost immediately. That may have to do with my settings, but i'm not certain. I'd appreciate any tips if you have a moment 1) When I Ctrl + Create object (Sphere, Box, Tube etc) it creates the geometry at object level, rather than at SOP level. Thus i'm forced to create each new piece of geometry by manually putting down a node, which renders pointless the shortcuts from the pop up radial menu and the Create menu tab. 2) When I'm trying to do a Boolean operation I cannot select the second object (using the select arrow). Again, I have to create a node. 3) Boolean just won't work on my model, whcih is just a very simple bit of box modelling, here's the file https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pau6l2cnVcn3NstddBiKEbLasKjdQPjb These very simple things are very frustrating, but i am very new to Houdini so they could be straightforward oversights. Help would be hugely appreciated.
  5. Starting out Modelling in Houdini - Experiencing basic issues

    Hi Isleofgough, just curious, in the menu are you getting the option to flatten Vertical and Horizontal (H & V)? - mine doesn't display the H and V buttons like the videos do, only displays Flatten button and I have to then adjust the parameters separately (in the edit points SOP).
  6. Starting out Modelling in Houdini - Experiencing basic issues

    Hey, worked it out. I was looking at the functionality for the old menu. Sorry for the trouble Alexey, i got confused with the old tutorials that have slightly different functionality. I was just wondering how you programme Flatten on Horizontal and Vertical access like you have in the New Menu - I thought it came pre-programmed like that, but i think you customized it. Thanks for all your help and support, it's an incredible plugin you've made!
  7. Starting out Modelling in Houdini - Experiencing basic issues

    Hey Davp, just curious have you got those modelling tools? Like i mentioned I bought them the other day and have installed them, but for whatever reason some of the tools (teh mesh tools mostly) in the package just aren't showing up in the menu box. Ive contacted the guy and he's kindly sent me an older version to use, but that doesn't work either. It must be me as there are many happy customers commenting on his vimeo pages. Just wondering if you've encountered any issues with it (if you indeed own them yourself)?
  8. I just wanted to get peoples impressions on whether the modelling functionality is beginning to compete with C4D's modelling functionalilty.
  9. Starting out Modelling in Houdini - Experiencing basic issues

    That's a nice reminder about Zbrush, it was the first 3d software I tackled. I'm more of a hobbyist and have chosen Houdini over the Autodesk packages, just seemed more interesting (though everyone keeps telling me I should learn one of them).
  10. Starting out Modelling in Houdini - Experiencing basic issues

    I just bought those this morning! They look really great, can't wait to get using them. Yes, the VDB is very similar to Zremesher or Dynamesh. Modelling feels so weird on Houdini, I kind of like it. The node string piling up on your right is pretty strange. I'm hoping with that new toolset plugin I can get some real hard surface modelling going that I could eventually get straight into UE4, Houdini plays nicely with that.
  11. Starting out Modelling in Houdini - Experiencing basic issues

    Thank you, the create in Context was very useful andyou're right the topology wasn't good, that's definitely the reason. I'm coming from Zbrush and some things I took for granted (like the subdivisions) I'm now remembering that I have to strengthen the mesh. Really appreciate your help here.
  12. Great to hear about this. Have you see these tools? - https://gumroad.com/l/GVLLS Would be great if Houdini could integrate them into the next iteration of the progamme
  13. Id map uv rendering with bakertexture rop

    Hey wonder if you could help me as i've been having trouble doing what you have done here. So I imported a model from zbrush with material id's to Houdini and created a low and high poly version. Then I added the game baker rop and tried baking out all the available map options, but the material ID map didn't come out. I didn't allocate materials using the principle shader, but as you can see from the image the geometry has already inherited the colour ids from the (fbx) zbrush import..I would really appreciate it if you could run me through the procedure as I'm pretty new to learning this and struggling to do this simple thing. - https://imgur.com/a/U61hL Many thank in advance
  14. I'm trying for the first time to work with gravity and various 'Solids' attributes (like organic mass/tissue etc) . I imported an object i worked on in Zbrush. Then worked out it needed to be a tet, so converted it using tetrahedralize. Now I get the error message you can see in the pictures that states "The selected mesh has no surface triangles" - but I converted it already! What am i doing wrong here? Any help would be enormously appreciated. Thank you very much in advance
  15. (Novice) Align a selection to point

    Very simple operation required: I need to align all points to the vertical axis occupied by a single point. (align points to the vertical axis of the point highlighted) There has to be a simple method for this. Thanks in advance
  16. Following a modelling tutorial and the tutor sets up their image to model from using the Image Network. I cannot find this node anywhere. How do I set this up? Also, if there is a simple way to setup a reference image to model from please let me know, there are very limited tutorials as far as I can see. Many thanks in advance.
  17. 10 Cores shouldn't be this slow?..Should it? (also hair details don't seem to show here? any ideas)
  18. Is this render time normal? (Noob Q.)

    p.s i was working with an object around 50 times that size before, so it's no wonder it felt like i had a potato for a cpu
  19. Is this render time normal? (Noob Q.)

    That is incredibly helpful. I was scratching around in the dark for days not understanding, but knowing that the cube is 1m x 1m and those units are in meters...v helpful. Cheers mate
  20. Is this render time normal? (Noob Q.)

    I think you may be right - literally just twigged that this might be it. Attached is the top view of a hat for a character. You can see the scale of it in relation to the x axis just above it (in between -63 and -62). In your opinion, is this size ok (for a hat)? SD
  21. Is this render time normal? (Noob Q.)

    Hey man, thanks. Though my density isn't even that high. I was following this tutorial where she puts the density up to 3000 (ive placed the clip at the point she does this so no need to scroll the TL ) and it updates instantly. Mine struggles to render it and i'm running a 6950x. Could it be that she's using a GPU renderer? Or perhaps i've not configured the software properly (or something?) As a noob i keep thinking i've missed some vital settings configuration.