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  1. externaldragdrop.py - only works on some machines? not all

    Hi Alex, I did report a bug in the end, but got the bottom of this in with some googling, as support could not solve this. it is unfortunately a Windows problem if you are running the program in administration mode. Drag and drop does not work. cheers
  2. HDA > obj level > output transforms

    Just wondering how you set the output transform of an HDA at OBJ level from a node inside the HDA. Iv done it before but i can not remember for the life of me? can someone shed some light on this? pulling my hair out here and cant seem to find any info on this at all? cheers daniel
  3. Hi everyone, has anyone come across this problem before? been setting up a custom script for drag and drop via the externaldragdrop.py file. Now the weird thing is. it works on some machines and not others. works on my home machine, a colleagues home machine. one of the machines at work and two other and work is does do anything. Whats seems to be happening is houdini, is not even registering that a file is being attempted to be dropped form an external window. So the .py file cant be called? I can't seem to find any documentation on this either which does not help. all machines at work are running the same environment setup. any ideas?? cheers Daniel Happy new year to all
  4. houdini python and mply

    thanks for the heads up malexander. after a bit of tinkering, I did finally get it to work.... few things to look out for. in your list of file paths firstly you have to make sure each string for the file path has a space before. then I ran into the problem where it would not open file paths that had a white space in the whole path. so after a bit of reading, I think because it's a shell operation? I have to have the string encapsulated in " " . (please correct me if I am wrong on this) so a simplified version below import subprocess fileSequenceList = [' "tmp/tmp/box.001.bgeo"', ' "tmp/tmp/box.002.bgeo"', ' "tmp/tmp/box.003.bgeo"'] subprocess.Popen(['gplay', fileSequenceList]) if I run into any other hurdles. il post them up. cheers Daniel
  5. houdini python and mply

    Hi Again Bunker, thanks so much for your help. im still clutching at straws here. the function I'm building is basically being run off a right-click menu in a QT widget window. Don't know if that makes a difference. this is the last part of my function for testing purposes. filePath = filePath.replace("$F4", "*") command = 'gplay ' + filePath subprocess.Popen(command,shell=True) this is the whats my command variable prints like gplay C:\Users\Daniel\Documents\NodeShare\Geometry\moreframes\box.*.bgeo and it's still throwing an error. and yeah I am importing subprocess its at the top of my function. just get this error. hou 18 - python 2.7 cheers Daniel
  6. houdini python and mply

    Hi Bunker, thanks for the help. Nope, I am afraid that didn't seem to work. my evaluated end of the string looked like this when I replace $F4. /geometry/moreframes/box.*.bgeo Googling this I can't seem to find any info on this problem. when picking files manually I noticed it had the frame range in () at the end of the string. like (1-240) but i tried this also adding to the end of the string. but it didnt work. unless it needs to be in a tuple or something. cheers Daniel
  7. return modifier keystroke (ctrl, shift etc) with externaldragdrop.py

    this may make me sound stupid. but I don't know how to print the Kwargs? can you give me an example of how to do this. sounds super useful. cheers
  8. houdini python and mply

    hi guys, is there any reason why this would not be working. i could have scripted it wrong. I'm in hou 18. I cant seem to get it to work with $F4 in the file path. throws an error. can get it to work with single files. anyone got any ideas?
  9. return modifier keystroke (ctrl, shift etc) with externaldragdrop.py

    just so people know. I could not find a way to do this with the build-in functions in python 2.7. I had to download a library to do this. the Keyboard python Library to be exact. cheers
  10. Hi Everyone. Has Anyone got any ideas on how to do this? or point me in the right direction of any further reading. Google searching is not coming up with anything. how can I return if a ctrl or shift keystroke is pressed when dropping files in my externaldragdrop.py so i can define different functions depending on modifier key pressed. I'm using the def dropAccept() does anyone know if this returns any other information other than files. I also cant find any information in the docs on this function. cheers for the help. Daniel
  11. Hi everyone, I am just wondering if Anyone can point me in the right direction for this. (or tell me if it is even possible) currently have a QtreeWidget in a python panel and I want to be able to drag one of the items in the list from the panel into the network view anf drop the file(execute the function needed). main trouble I am having is trying to logic working for the drag and drop events - what functions should I be looking for. - do i need to use Pyside2 events (can manage to get feedback from dragEnterEvent() and dropEvent(), but these only work in the panel it self) - or would it be built in events from houdini that need to be call? im no expert on this. any gurus out there that can throw me a bone? currently on hou18. cheers Daniel
  12. OnInputChanged - event not triggering when input nodes change name

    Hi, thanks for the responses Alex and Thomas. to be honest the opinput() would work for my solution. but only if I could get all inputs going into a multi-connector? and it then Registered it on the Parm so i could run a call back script. But from what I have tested. the callback script does not run when its has an expression in the parm and the output changes when it pulls the new name? I will have to have a proper think about doing it with node event types as I have no experience of this and I am very much on a learning path with python....:S the joys of coding when you dont have a coding brain. ha Daniel
  13. HI everyone. Hope everyone is ok in this current situation. Hope no one is Ill from the virus and not going crazy working from home. I am wondering if someone can point me in the right direction on this. I have a Multi-input HDA - I assumed that the OnInputChange HDA event would trigger when a name change of node that is connected. But for some reason, it does not. What would be the best way to listen for this event happening. The event triggers fine the first time the node in plugged in, but not when the node changes name. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Daniel
  14. onCopy event in hda

    Thank you so much for this Alex. been banging my head against the wall in a code hole. does not help when I am no Python wizard. Cheers again Daniel
  15. onCopy event in hda

    HI, I know this is an old thread, could anyone shed some light on this? I need to have my custom function track if the HDA has been duplicated? What is the best practice. Cheers Daniel