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  1. hou.hipFile.save problems - need help

    I am only asking as when reloading the scene. Either the variable is not there anymore or it does not reflect the information that is sitting in the HDA. So I need a way for that Data to stay within the HIP file so when it is re opened the Global data for that file in still available. Any ideas?
  2. hou.hipFile.save problems - need help

    Hi Stalker. Thanks for the reply. much appreciated I Took your advice on using the os.path.join. Works well and of course is the correct way to do it. But I was still getting the problem though. Found out it was down to creating the whole path that was the problem for some reason. So I broke up creating the work category and the whole file path. like #create work catagory folder if os.path.exists(exWorkCatagPath) == False: os.mkdir(exWorkCatagPath) else: printMe = "no Directory created!!" print printMe # save full file hou.hipFile.save(exSavePath, False) But I do have another question. As I am creating the variables for this like below. hou.putenv("FOLDERNAME", fname) It is storing this in an environment variable I believe. Which I think might not be the best option. Is their anyway I can store these variables in the HIP file so I can pull them into other areas like ROPS for instance via $FOLDERNAME. a Local variable that is only available in the hip file that has been saved. Thanks for your help again. Daniel