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  1. Distance fall off

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, after a bit of trial and error and copying of random bits of vex I have something working althought it dosent make sense to me 100%. i have attached the file in case some one find its it useful. finddistance_working.hipnc
  2. Distance fall off

    seems the file didnt upload correctly. finddistanceB.hipnc
  3. Distance fall off

    Hi I am doing the entagma tutorial where he is blending from low poly to high poly object. In their example they are using a single point from a sphere to create the blend as in the image below . I would like to use a piece of animated logo to reveal between the two. Using bit of vex I found on this site I think I am getting the distance from sphere to each point on the grid but when I visualise it as Cd. It only seems to be taking a few points into account. What I expect is black circle around the sphere. Thanks finddistanceB.hipnc
  4. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    Besides the wacom I also recommend doing some Yoga or just some stretching at regular intervals. I also had wrist and shoulder issues and a combination of these things has really helped. If I have to use a mouse I make sure its a good one with a bit of weight on it.
  5. I dont think that would be possible as the file types are different. Even if there were willing to they wouldnt be able to open the file. You can convert to apprentice files to Houdini Indie.
  6. Custom attract

    Thanks. This is completely different from the process I was trying , good to see a different way.
  7. Custom attract

    I guess the simpler question is how to calculate the distance of particles to an object?
  8. Custom attract

    Hi I am trying to create a custom attraction tool using popvops. Its a method I learnt doing a houdini course I would like to improve on it but I have been stuck on it forever. Instead of using a pop attract we are using a popvop to calculate the distance of the particles to a point in space and making them move to this point, if I am using a single point to attract them to its working fine, but what I would like to do is to attract them to multiple points ie a mesh. I have tried using the importpoints but that just makes them go to origin. I would like them to move to the rubber toy. Any advice would be appreciated. I have attached the file and the particle stream I am using to test. Cheers Particles.72.bgeo.sc attraction test.hiplc
  9. Controlling solver sop

    Hey guys, I am following this Ben Watts tutorial, where he has a system to grow points on a surface. Its a great system , I am still trying to get my head around the sop solver but what I would really like to do is to be able to slow it down. I have tried animating the search radius of the point but that gives me limited control. I tried using a time shift but that just kills the whole grow effect. Any tips would be much appreciated. Cheers. video
  10. change color by spline ramp

    Thank you, I dont quite understand why, but if the ramp is being adjusted in the geometry level it works.
  11. Hi I am trying to do this old POP tutorial, there is a section where he takes the red color value and modulates it with a spline ramp. (around the 4 mins mark) For some reason I cant recreate this at all. He is using a VOP sop and I am recreating it in an attribute vop , i think that should work fine . when i connect my ramp it just removes all the color. Thanks https://vimeo.com/95644892
  12. Import PRTs

    Hi, I have seen a lot of posts about exporting PRTs from Houdini but what I would like to do is import them into Houdini as points is there a way to do this? I have some nebulas saved out in PRT format and I wanted to do some experiments in Houdini with them. Thanks
  13. Beginner Question, Calulate Y Length

    Thanks for different methods really helps me to understand the way things work.
  14. Beginner Question, Calulate Y Length

    Thank you, I will try that. I tried something similar but i wasnt able to get the gradient just a solid color. I wanted to try to do it in VOP because i feel more comfortable with a node base approach rather than VEX code.
  15. Hi, I am trying to calculate the y distance of a cached fluid sim in a tank. and I would like to have a color going from from black at the bottom and white at the top. The idea is to then use this in Mantra to drive the roughness of the transparency or the tint to create an ocean shader. I am trying to do this using a vopsop, I have tried various methods that other people have tried and I can only get it partially right. most of the time it seems to be calculating the distance from the center rather than the Y distance. In the file attached I get the gradient at an angle rather than straight up. I am totally new to this and any help would be appreciated. points_from_volume.hip