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  1. time on vops

    check it out. FF.hipnc
  2. time on vops

    Vop operator only have access to infomation passed to them as parameters. they have no knowledge of "time variables" such as $FF. only vop geometry operator have "global time variable". if you need to access time variables, you must pass them as parameters. Pys
  3. Happy Birthday Jason

    Happy Birthday!
  4. Does anyone compile matte's code in cygwin? http://graphics.stanford.edu/~mmp/code/dumpgrids.c $ gcc -mno-cygwin -ID:/Pixar/prman-11.3.1/include -o x dumpgrids.c during compile time I got this errors /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-mingw32/3.3.1/../../../../i686-pc-mingw32/lib/libmingw3 2.a(main.o)(.text+0x9b):main.c: undefined reference to `WinMain@16' Does someone know how to fix it?
  5. get a level in vex ?

    a little fix Cd = smooth(min,max,dist,rolloff); >>What is it you're trying to accomplish? -- there may be other ways in which to tackle the problem. could you tell me the ways? Mario Marengo Chris Bernardi - Shading a Coral Reef page 143 'Scalar Fields' he used a mel script. distx.hipnc
  6. get a level in vex ?

    thanks again Andrew. and Mario Marengo i edit something soplevel(float min=0,max=1,rolloff=0) { int i, tempnum,tempnum2, curneighbourcount, brokenmesh; int level = 0; int walk = 1; int curpt = ptnum; float dist = 0; vector cp,np; while (walk) { dist.hipnc
  7. get a level in vex ?

    pt4 & pt5 => 3time ' neighbor distance ' calculation . pt2 & pt3 => 2time ' neighbor distance ' calculation . pt1 & pt0 => 1time ' neighbor distance ' calculation .
  8. get a level in vex ?

    ...... 0 = level 1 1 = level 2 2 & 3 = level 3 4 & 5 = level 4
  9. Hi guys! I want to calculate a accumulated point distance from 'pt0' in the vex or vop. i think ... ==== sop scalarfield() { ... for ( i=0;i<level;i++) .. neighptnum = getneighbour(ptnum, 0, 0); success1 = import("P", adata1, 0, neighptnum); diff1 = P - adata1; len = length(diff1); vec = set(len, 0, 0); newadata = vec; addattribute("distlength", newadata); if ("" != "") addvariablename("distlength", ""); } ================================ pt4 have 3(level) neighbor (4:3-1-0) pt3 have 2(level) neighbor (3:1-0) pt1 have 1(level) neighbor (1:0) ================================= How can i get a level of current point in vex ?
  10. overlab multi i3d-cloud

    i saw the movie xXx. there are huge volumetric avalanche. i don't think it is one i3d volume. how could i merge bunch of volumes into a container?
  11. hi all! i tested about i3d cloud 'i3d surface shader' work with zdepth but don't overlab each other. 'i3d fog shader' don't work with zdepth and don't oberlab each other. i can overlab i3d cloud and surface object but cloud vs cloud is don't know. how can i overlap multi 'i3d cloud'?
  12. candidly embeding shader

    sample image02
  13. candidly embeding shader

    sample image01
  14. candidly embeding shader

    hi all. my shader pupose is only natural embeding a stone on the ground. this is a fake shader so there is a limitation on a shape. is there any idea about finding accuracy intersected area on shader time not using sop. litcam.rar
  15. blur() in vex ?

    oops! Thanks Chang E and AndrewVK