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  1. unique ids in a continuous vellum simulation

    Found another way. I added a solver i the geo node and put the counter in there, now i don't have to convert strings and do math and stuff (;
  2. unique ids in a continuous vellum simulation

    Thx, now i can use some math to calculate which paper is which iteration. My idea is that i assign every sheet a specific book page starting from one. I'll post the result when i'm done.
  3. Smoke follows surface

    Like fog on the ground or more like something emerging from a cloud ?
  4. unique ids in a continuous vellum simulation

    Hi. I'm new to vex and have a problem i can't get my head around. I created a little simulation where paper gets blown away every 6th frame. Now i want to give every page an unique id, but counting upwards. so my code is: f@idpage; if(@Frame%6 == 1){ @idpage+=1; } I@ know its not counting because every frame, the attrib is set back to 0. But how can i count my IDs in dops or on a global level? Paper_Wind_02.hiplc