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  1. Export Alembic Face Sets

    Yes, I'm working on 7.0 thanks though. I think it's a setting problem with either the alembic import sop or alembic rop
  2. Export Alembic Face Sets

    Basically I'm trying to go from C4D through Houdini and back to C4D and keep my alembic selection sets throughout the process. Any ideas?
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could share the correct workflow for face sets in alembic. Currently I'm importing an alembic from C4D that contains polygon selection sets which are passed through the alembic. When I export the alembic back to C4D, after passing through my rig node tree, the sets are lost. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  4. Autorig/HDA Issue

    Hello, I was having trouble generating my autorig, getting the message “autorig failed to generate”. But what was worse was that if I opened my previous file and attempted to either; load autorig from current session, create new autorig from current session, or create new autorig from hda file on disk, the autorig was not aligned or labelled correctly.I'm attaching my file, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you. ToastGuy_b_rig_asset ToastGuy_b.json ToastRig8.hip
  5. Forces For Cloud Object?

    Figured out that I had to keyframe the activation parameter on the Source Volume node. Sorry to bother!
  6. Forces For Cloud Object?

    Hi Farmfield, I was able to replicate your setup with my own cloud geo, everything except for the fact that my pyro sim is constantly emitting smoke from my selected geo rather than simply dissipating as your geo does. I've tried multiple shelf tools and copying all your settings. Any advice? Thanks