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  1. Ok, haven’t played around with that one yet. Thank you!
  2. Calling all Wizards!! I have this idea that involves driving a lines shape via a texture. All the ideas or samples that you can point me to would be greatly apreciated! Something like this, but the line would be basically where the white meets up with the black. that would be the desired shape of my line. the result would be a line in this shape.
  3. Any idea why my cloth would have this space between the box that I've hard attached it to and the constrained points? I align my tiny animated box to the ribbon like so: Then when i sim it moves away
  4. A friend figured it out!! cloth_backtoorigin_working.hip
  5. I'm trying to wrap my head around how to go about taking a baked out cloth sim and reorienting it to the origin based on its constrained points. So the end goal is to have exactly the same simulation playing from the origin... the cloth flies away from the origin and back again. I would like it to always be at origin.... soo confusing I know!! Pictures!! and files! cloth_backtoorigin.hip
  6. Velocity Trails

    found something that got me through it.. seems a bit strange to have to do an object merge and generate velocity from there. But hey it works.
  7. Velocity Trails

    I'm animating an object. Then I bolt on a line via rivet. I can not figure out how to get velocity working on the line object I read somewhere use a trail with compute Velocity but when i turn on point trails I don't see anything. Why don't i get velocity from this line moving? velocitytrail.hip velocitytrail.hip velocitytrail.hip
  8. Flipped Normals

    clean worked! TY TY TY!!
  9. Flipped Normals

    I am running into this problem where my mesh is black.. the verts are not connected I'm using a stack of triangles and repositioning them on a mesh based on ptnum.Only problem is when i look at it the normals appear to be going in the right direction but the mesh is dark. Any ideas? I have tried a facet node with reverse normals but I get the normals pointing in and the mesh then looks correct but the normals are wrong...
  10. Fuse/Snap end of sweeped ring

    Thank you! these Vex Expressions are great! Ty Ty Ty!
  11. Fuse/Snap end of sweeped ring

    Well I spoke too soon! I'm trying to unwrap this ring using arc length spline like in the section to the left. Because of your sphere1 wizardry it wont give me correct uvs vertically. Maybe this example is a better representation of both our efforts. Thanks for the help BTW I'm loving this forum! so much knowledge. ringtest.hip
  12. Fuse/Snap end of sweeped ring

    Thank you!! ThomasPara! This is perfect!
  13. Hello, Im trying to snap the end points of my ring together so they make an unbroken ring. I don't want to combine the end verts as this breaks my arc length spline unwrap (Not in this file) i just want to snap to the points. I am tying to make this procedural of course so that no matter how many divisions my circle has or no matter how many points my line has the end always closes. I tried getting the point numbers for the fuse by doing this `chs("../circle3/divs")`*`chs("../line6/points")`-`chs("../line6/points")` 0 (this would only take care of the outer points) ths was not acceptable by the fuse node. Any help would be much appreciated! Ryan SNAP.hipnc
  14. Looping Noise?

    This is Great!!
  15. Looping Noise?

    Im using it on 16.5 now works pretty well! Thanks!