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  1. Hi everyone, I'm trying to set the pscale of every point in a point cloud with the minimum distance between each other. Basically, I want to achieve this tutorial of Javier Toledo but I don't need the growing effect, only the final result as you can see in the video preview. So I have a point cloud and I wrote this in a point wrangle. I thought it was correct, but for some reason, it doesn't work. Does anyone know why? @pscale = 0.0001; int active = 1; while(active == 1){ int near_pts[] = pcfind_radius(0,"P","pscale",1,@P,@pscale,2); @pscale += 0.0001; if(len(near_pts) > 1){ active = 0; } } Thanks in advance! Flavio Tarantini
  2. That is great. I still have to learn a lot about vex. Thank you so much!
  3. Hi, I have a problem I'm struggling with vex code; I have a line with 3 points for example and I created an array attribute called "parentPt" that tells for every point of the line which are the related points. After that, I want to rotate those points in the array around the current pt that has the attribute. For example, I have a line with 3 points; point 0 has [1,2] as parentPt attrib, point1 has [2], point 2 has an empty array []. I want to rotate pt1 and pt2 around pt0 then rotate pt2 again but around 1 and so on. It is a little bit difficult to explain, so I attached an hip file. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks! Odf_Example.hipnc
  4. Sticky glue

    Hi Roman, Take a look at this, you can start from this grain set up and get some nice sticky effect. Stick_Example.hipnc
  5. Rolling up grid in SOP vex

    Wow, thank you so much! They could be very useful!
  6. Rolling up grid in SOP vex

    Hi guys, I'm trying to do a grid that rolls up in sop with vex but with no result at the moment. I was wondering if anyone knows something to begin with. I thought about matrices that drive the rotation of every row of the grid in sequence from left to right in the x-axis, but I didn't get a result and maybe this is the wrong way to do it. If someone has an idea I really appreciate. Thanks! ps. I hope I have been clear enough and didn't make too many writing mistakes.
  7. Vex_Question

    Hi Cyril; wow it looks so great and very useful for what I want to do. Thank you so much! Flavio
  8. Vex_Question

    Hi Vitor, this is exactly what I was looking for. I coudn't believe that it could be done in this way. I still have to learn a lot. Thank you so much for your help! Best regards! Flavio
  9. Vex_Question

    Hi Luis, Thank you very much for replying, I attached an hip file. I hope it can be useful to understand what I mean. Flavio example.hipnc
  10. Vex_Question

    Hi guys, I'm a junior houdini artist, I'm studying vex now and it's very useful but quite difficult for me at the moment. I was wondering how to do the dot product of the same vector between two points in a geometry and then calculate the angle for every points of that. I'm not sure if I have to use the neighbour vex function in the point wrangle and then use the foreach loop vex function to calculate the angle between the two neighbours points for every single point in the geometry. Or instead of the neighbour code I have to use the xyzdist vex function. I'm a little bit confuse at the moment. I hope I have been clear enough. Thank you so much! Cheers!