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  1. Anyone ever seen or worked on PRISMS ?

    Started on PRISMS in '93 from Vertigo and Wavefront. We drove up to Toronto (From Detroit) an were given the grand tour, and bought the software that night at the Amsterdam Brewery with Greg and Kim, and Janet might have been there too. It was a lot of money for two seats at around 35k but it was worth every penny. That Crystal Render was really fast back then when you didn't have but one machine to render on! (Sweet SGI Pizzabox) Even used Mojo on a few jobs! -david
  2. happy 3D or sad 3D??

    21 years in this business have worked in Vertigo, Wavefront, Prisms, Flame, Max, Maya, and of course Houdini. Very happy, but this business is a coaster ride on the commercial and feature end. Best thing to do is remember that as a creative artist you have to find balance between work and your life to stay creative. I think most of us disagree and defy this notion until we hid our mid thirties and burnout starts to take hold. My two cents from being burned-out and coming back on the other side is to maintain a balance. There's always going to be those crazy times when long hours are demanded, but don't let every day become a crazy day. (I am also very lucky to be surrounded by a team of happy like-minded people.) best of luck to you, -david
  3. Where Are You Now?

    Detroit Michigan (Venice CA every other week) -david
  4. Wtih A Twist Studio - 2nd Unit Vfx

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick bit of news. Last week Michigan passed the largest film/commercial incentive plan in the US. 40% rebates on any production spending more than 50k with no upper limit. The bill does apply towards VFX work. We have all the paperwork and information if anyone is looking to work with a great VFX crew in Michigan. (We have a Venice Studio as well) Heres a link for more information. Thank you!! -david http://www.withatwiststudio.com/news.php?i...press&id=21 http://michigan.gov/filmoffice/0,1607,7-24...68008--,00.html
  5. Daa And Other Agencies

    Hi Ivan, Myself and With A Twist are represented by DAA, they have done great by us both here in Venice and Detroit. They have repp'ed us for 3 years, and I can 't say enough great things about them. -david
  6. Wiki Editors Group

    Hi Marc, Please as me to the Editors Group daland (David Burton) ------- thank you! david
  7. Hi, My name is David Burton, I have worked around as 2nd unit at spi, dd, a52 on houdini. I used to be co-owner of Travelling Pictures. I am now a VFX Supervisor at With A Twist Studio. We have offices in Detroit and in Venice (corner of lincoln/superba) We have a team of 8 cgi artists. With skills in Houdini fx, tracking, z-brush, texture/uv, and composting. We have had a lot of success as a second unit working with stuidos using Houdini and max/vray depending on the job. For the last year we have concentrated on Commercial work but recently finished working on the trailer for Transformers and now my guys all want to get into feature work again. We also have a sizeable renderfarm in Detroit that is linked via vpn to the Venice Studio. The advantage is that we are a working crew with a producer that is turnkey, tightly knit and ready to go with our own equipment down to our own project management system. Anyways...my email is daland@withatwiststudio.com thank you, and HI to all my houdini friends out there! david
  8. Hi Everyone, I purchased one of the MacBook Pro laptops with the intel chips. Installed bootcamp which allows me to run XP and all of my PC aps except Houdini. Has anyone had any luck running Houdini on the windows side of these new intel-chipped Macs? thanks david
  9. Photoshop Cs2 And Hdr

    HDR support is CS2 is very limited and also VERY VERY slow to work at.... If you dive a little DEEP into HDR shop you can do a lot of color correction that is not supported in CS2. Being in the Car industry here in Detroit, almost all of our work is HDR based...about all that CS2 is good for is the cloning tool.... no layer support in HDR no color correction support except for some photofilters...and that's basically a tinting process.... the toolkits need to catchup still for HDR work. I can tell you that the cameras are pretty awesome...we have a spheron....and when you tune it correctly, its pretty fast to capture an environment... oopps getting off the subject sorry! david
  10. Baby Horsfield

    congrats Marc!! Now you have a matched pair!!!! -david
  11. Dr Queue

  12. Dr Queue

    now that I have Escape, (whoo hoo!) I am looking into render controlers and came across this one http://www.drqueue.org we have to stay on windows because of Vray, and right now Rush (which works great) isn't in the budget. I was just wondering if anyone had used it yet? Since it supports bmrt and renders rib files via command line rendering I am hoping I can get it to render ifds via the mantra command. anybody tried this one yet? thank you! david
  13. Vray Standalone

    Hi Jason, Thanks for the reply! we have been getting really fast times with vray at 8k for print, there is a lot of optimization that has to happen, BUT I can see were motion will add a lot of problems (jitterry stuff). As soon as my new 'puter gets in this week (whoo hoo) I will get apprentice on and see about translating my car shaders into something that VEX can understand. There is a pretty good DVD that just came out that better explains all the handles that vray offers. It's a gnomen dvd about global illumination. It's a good place to get a handle on vray. 3dsMax is nice and all, but I really miss Houdini. Think I'll give it another go on apprentice and try the new mantra improvements. thanks Jason! david
  14. Vray Standalone

    Hi Everybody, I had to leave houdini for the last couple of years to work on Max/Vray creating automotive stuff. (yea still living in Detroit!) Anyways, I heard vray was going to create a standalone version. Anyone here using vray? I know some folks at DD have been doing some nice work on it. It's fast, and it's pretty powerfull. thanks, David Burton www.tpacs.com www.withatwiststudio.com
  15. Games... I dunno...

    A long time ago, Mark E. at sidefx gave us this game called Tranquility. It would only play on our SGIs. At that time we had 2 PI/25/TGs and one indigo. It was the best game, no shooting anybody. david