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  1. disturbance when velocity

    If you want to use vel as the control field of disturbance, you can unlock the node, dive in and find the parameter called control_field. Change the type to vector, and add a length node between it and if_control_field. Now you can control the disturbance by the magnitude of velocity, which is doing the exact same thing as Julien's method, just a different way. Make sure to change your ranges on the ramp to be realistic for your sim.
  2. flip fluid vortex

    Take a look at these: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/fluid/directingparticlefluid
  3. Advanced bubbles effect

    You should post what you have so far so people can see where you're at. Are you having trouble doing something you listed in particular, or all of it?
  4. Atom's Link Page

    Thank you so much for this Atom, this is an incredible resource.