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  1. Modeler 2020

    Alexey in the newest release 2020.5.14 the compass was removed. But how can you orient object creation now? The compass was very handy, the stock houdini c-plane is cumbersome. Thanks!
  2. Modeler 2020

    Alexey how are your plans with modeler? Would be cool, if you could improve the whole broken curve system in houdini. In comparison to Cinema 4D and Max houdini is really poor in that context.
  3. Modeler 2020

    Works perfect, thanks!
  4. Modeler 2020

    The Hose Tool is supposed to make tubes where the selected edges are? This does not work for me, only for selected faces the tubes are created for the face edges, which is surely awkward?
  5. Modeler 2020

    Seems to work. Thank you for the fast feedback!
  6. Modeler 2020

    Hi Alexey, thanks for your work. I am using houdini 18.5.408 and the latest modeler 2020.5.14 and I have a bug when deleting nodes with ALT+X key. It happens when beveling some edges and pressing ALT+X to delete the last node. To reproduce: 1. Create Cube 2. Select one face 3. Inset the face 4. Extrude the selected face 5. Select the newly created edges 6. Bevel the edges 7. Press ALT+X ---> Crash It seems selecting edges, beveling them and deleting the last node crashes houdini. Is there a newer version of the modeler? I got only an email with version 2020.5.14 but in videos I already saw 2020.6. Thanks in advance.
  7. param dialog children

    Has no one an idea? Please help me.
  8. param dialog children

    Hi, i want to extend houdinis UI and I must say the whole UI Api is really a mess. pyqt, pyside, pyside2, qt, python, shiboken. really? why so complicated. and why on earth is the documentation so bad. okay, rent over. what i want to do: 1) i want the edit box (parameter) under the cursor in the parameter window. the unique name or path of the edit box, so that i can later set the value of the edit box (parameter). the edit box should be a QLineEdit, correct? propably not, because everything in the API is really awkward. 2) i wanted to solve problem 1) with the following attempt. get cursor position, get param window, loop over the children and check over which child the cursor is located. Okay my test code gets the param widget and then tries to get the children. it has a QVLayoutBox as a direct child. but the QVLayoutBox is empty ???? why? how can I access the childrens? import shiboken2 import PySide2.QtWidgets as qtw from PySide2 import QtGui as qtg app0 = qtw.QApplication.instance() #widget = app0.widgetAt(qtg.QCursor().pos()) allWidgets = app0.allWidgets() for w in allWidgets: if w.windowTitle() == "parmdialog": parmWidget = w print "found" break vlbox = parmWidget.children()[0] print vlbox.children() #why is the count 0 ???? Hope someone can help me. Thanks!
  9. some UI scripting questions

    There exist two Expression functions mousepane and mousepath. How can these be used within python? The functionality should be covered in hou.PathBasedPaneTab. But I cannot find any corresponding function. My goal is to get the parameter (in parameter editor) under the mouse pointer.
  10. Code behind a menu item

    Thanks, will use this.
  11. Code behind a menu item

    For example if you click on a gizmo and rightclick. Then there is a menu item "pivot mode". The goal is to get the code for this, because i want to switch to the pivot mode within a python script. Would be easy if the execution would be logged.
  12. Code behind a menu item

    Thank you. Unfortunately they log only performance things, and not the executed code. This with the shell and code of the tools I know already, but this does not help with a menu. Perhaps there is somewhere python code in the installation folder which belongs to the menu items? Did not find anything sadly.
  13. Code behind a menu item

    Hi, in many 3d apps, there is an execution log which displays the commands which are executed when for example a menu item is executed. Seems that houdini does not have this (which is a big oversight by the way). Are there any other ways to know the code which is executed when a specific menu item in houdini is clicked? For example when I right click on a gizmo and select pivot mode. what python code is the equivalent of this? Thanks.
  14. some UI scripting questions

    Can no one help? Any hints? Thank you.
  15. some UI scripting questions

    Hello, I want to build an UI plugin for houdini. Can you help me with some things: how do I change a parameter of the selected node in the parameter window programatically (for example parameter distance of the extrude node)? There must be a setter function which gets the specific path to the parameter and sets the parameter I guess?! get the parameter edit box under the position of the mouse (if one navigates to an edit box) or the unique path of the parameter under the mouse? set a global mouse hook (global in the sense that it gets all events of the houdini main UI)? Would be cool if someone could name some python objects which will help me. Preferable python+pyside. Thanks!