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  1. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    It would be nice if houdini 17 would make some improvements in modeling. Out of my head these features would be nice: - Subdisvision creases must be preserved if you modify your object - Elementar polygon opereations should not break your model if you insert the nodes in the middle of the node graph (yes sometimes this is not possible, but in the most cases the model should not break) - Edge Flow, refine model with topology in mind - Better selection tools (ring selection for example) - Construction plane is ignored if you create box, sphere tube and so on, why ? If a CP exists everything should be created on it, otherwise you have to orient and move everything in place - UV workflow in general, it is a pain sometimes (for example moving Vertices around, is difficult, because you have to grab all 4 of a point) - make selection planar (should be implemented in a way which is fast accessable) - Shell SOP like a Shell modifier in MAX. - curves need bezier handles - local mode in Edit SOP (e.g rotate along the face normal). In Extrude SOP it is possible, but not in edit mode, why ? - Isolate selection in an effective manner (yes there is a Visiblity SOP, but it is cumbersome to use) Bug fixes: - sometimes snapping does not work, snaps not to points - sometimes Start orientation on Edit SOP Handle does not work. It lets you select orientation but does not orient the handle Improvement of modeling workflow - sometimes you loose your selection after an operation, then you must select again - tighten and speed up workflow in general. I have the feeling that sometimes there is too much fiddling around And perhaps there will be some nice suprises. Would be cool.
  2. Hard Edges

    You have principly two ways in houdini you can make hard edges. With manipulating normals of points or manipulating normals of vertices. Any way to make a hard edge when manipulating point normals works in such a way, that a point is "opened up" or made unique. Means from one point you will get more points which have a normal and therefore a hard edge if the normals are not identical. The other way is to use vertices. There is a trick which enables you to circumvent the "opened up" mesh. The first step is to generate point normals (normal SOP, and select points in the options). Then you can edge cusp to get a hard edge (like in the method described above). But the hard edge generates unique points ("upened up" mesh). So to solve this issue you promote the point normals to the vertices with the Attribute Promote SOP and then you fuse the unique ("opened up") points. This way you will have your hard edges and the mesh will not be opened up. At the bottom there are some pics to depict this method.
  3. For Each Element in Group

    Thanks guys for your help!
  4. For Each Element in Group

    Okay, I have found the solution. The switch SOP must use the following expression: prim(opinputpath(".",0),0,"index",0) < 0 for the select input. It uses the index attribute of the input 0 and compares it to 0.
  5. For Each Element in Group

    Correct. The switch SOP is a nice idea, have searched for "if", but did not find anything ;-) So the idea is to set the "select input" of the switch SOP to the bevel SOP if the enum attribute is unequal 1 and to the "for each begin" SOP if it is -1 (effectivly skipping the bevel SOP). For this, one needs the expression for the "select input", how can I access the current enum attribute in the for each body, do you know this ? Perhaps you have an idea how the expression must look like, or there is another better way without expressions. Thank you.
  6. For Each Element in Group

    Ah yes, that was what i tried. I think you entered the name of the group manually, because a point group is not displayed in the selector of the group attribute in the bevel sop. Good to know, thanks ! Nevertheless would be nice to know how one can iterate through group elements in a for each loop.
  7. For Each Element in Group

    Yes, but the for each loop goes through all primitives (points). You cannot exclude points, say you want to process all points in a group, how do you do this ?
  8. For Each Element in Group

    An example for this scenario: I have a group with 3 points. I want to bevel this 3 points. So I want to use a for each loop which has the group as input and which iterates through every point (3 in this example) and executes the bevel SOP (body of the for each loop) on each point. I hope this is clearer now. Remark: Yes, I know one can take the points directly in the group attribute of the bevel SOP (but you cannot take a group with points there, the old bevel SOP had this ability).
  9. For Each Element in Group

    Element means a point or a prim which is in a group.
  10. For Each Element in Group

    Hi, thanks. Yes, thats another possibility. But the for each loop will loop through all elements, it does not constraint on the elements contained in a group.
  11. For Each Element in Group

    Thanks for this advice. Unfortunately the Enum SOP does nothing but enumerates the elements of the group, and every element not in group gets a -1 for the enumerate attribute. But the for each loop goes nonetheless over all elements. Even when the attribute is -1. Do I miss something ? I need the for each loop only go through the elements of a group.
  12. For Each Element in Group

    No one an idea ? I want to loop through elements of a group and execute my sops on that element. How can I achieve that ? With For each loop it seems it is not possible.
  13. For Each Element in Group

    Hello, yesterday i learned the very usefull For each SOP. As I understand an attribute is used and for every unique value of the attribute the for each body is called once. Now what I want to do is that the for each loop iterates through each element of a group (e.g. points). The iteration through all points is possible but not for points which are in a specific group. How can one achieve that in a simple way? Thanks in advance for your help.
  14. Reorgonize UVs

    Hi, I would like to align selected UVs to minimum (or maximum) U (or V) value. With this approach you can straighten UVs. Is there a SOP which can help me ? If there is no build in SOP, how can I achive this with VEX/ VOPs (the Algorithm is easy, but how do I get the UVs in VEX and set them. If one uses the Point SOP, how can I access all UVs)? Perhaps someone has an example as this operation seems crucial to me.
  15. edge divide Question

    You are looking for this then (use Subdiv SOP and OpenSubdiv Bilinear Algo):