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  1. Blinn shader as default for new geos

    Thanks, I overlooked this tab, hehe.
  2. Blinn shader as default for new geos

    Okay, i will try again. When you create a surface object (like a box), it seems to have a default shader (is it phong?). I would like to change this. Whenever I create a surface object I want that houdini uses a blinn shader (material) for the surface or other shader with some custom set parameters. How can I achieve this? Thanks
  3. mantra start time

    yeah, have the same problem. startup times are really large, 20 secs or so. renderman and 3delight is faster. but how can one improve mantra?
  4. XPopMenu for Houdini

    Nice, will try it out in my spare time. Any idea how I can read the context in python?
  5. XPopMenu for Houdini

    Cool, thanks. Is there a possibility to extand it, so that it recognizes the context. For example sop context, points selected. In this case context sensitive menus would be possible.
  6. Similar select

    Thank you. Select similar works differently. You could select some faces which have unique forms, and then this pattern is searched on the whole object. In many cases pattern selection of houdini would not work in these cases. Could make some pics to clarify.
  7. Hi, I would like to adjust the default shader of new geos to be blinn with custom color and reflection. How can I do this in houdini? Thanks in advance!
  8. Prx lights in sop context work. Did you choose a material? What is a little bit cumbersome is the placement of the lights, because one handle of the two doe not work correctly as it seems. If it does not work for you, perhaps reinstall RM 23.
  9. Similar select

    Hi, Maya has a similar selection function, which enables you to select some faces and then based on this selection to select other similar faces within a tolerance. Is there something similar in houdini? If not I want to build one myself. The idea is to select the outer edges of the selected faces and save the angles between the neighboring edges. Then loop ever all edges and look for neighbour edges which have the same angles within a tolerance. Someone has a better algorithm? So for this one needs the following vex functions: * get outer edges of selection, how? There is a sop from animatrix, which does it. But to make it general one would go over all selected islands, so how to do this? * get the neighbour edge clockwise Or get the points of an edge and then the edges of the point. Which vex functions are helpful? Thanks in advance!
  10. Exoside QuadRemesher In Houdini

    You need obviously a license of this tool.
  11. Hi, is there a possibility to make a shortcut for the mantra render view pause button? Did not find anything in the keyboard manager unfortunately. Thanks for the help!
  12. Extract curve from shape

    The curve sop can accept another curve as input, then it will snap to this curve (sometimes needed, but not what you want). But the drawcurve sop works like you would expect. Try it.
  13. Locking points

    Hi, is there a possibility in Houdini to lock points for the downstream? So once locked they cannot be edited (for example transform) in the following nodes.