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  1. Hi, I'm trying to assign a material to some instances and I'd like for the opacity to be driven by a set the instanceObject uvs (uv) and the basecolor to be driven by the instanceTemplate uvs (uvgral). Is this possible? What I'm trying is to call uvgral in the material but it's not working. Overrides I do at SOP level don't work (naturally) and my attempt to make an override at object level was unsuccessful. Thanks!
  2. Finished Yogurt Animation/Simulation

    Really nice!
  3. It's already out http://realflow.com/plugins.htm
  4. Death eater/Miguel Salek reel smoke effects

    I'd say those are fluid advected particles, myabe rendered as volumetric points?
  5. "up-rezzed" fluid smoke quick test...

    Nice test netvudu. I like this tool but there is so much difference between a real hi-res sim and a hi-rezzed sim. It's useful of course, but it's not a replacement for a hi-res sim from my point of view. I'm sure you agree Having said that, Sam.h: "higher frequencies on your emitter" do you mean in the AutoDop/Upres smoke solver??? like the manual advice on setting this to even a lower value (0.7 instead of 1). What's the real effect (I haven't had much time to try it out)? Cheers
  6. fryrender benchmark

    This reminds me so much to www.benchwell.com Thanks for sharing!
  7. Happy birthday...

    wasn't expecting this one! hahah thanks!!!
  8. Hi again! I had some time to complete the bridge finally (partly thanks to other participants' hip files + mail list). Out of the challenge but finished anyway I'm happy So, when is the next one? BridgeOfCards_Bea.hipnc
  9. how to control sprite size in SOPS

    Hi! I'm new to Houdini, but I tried this and worked in your scene althought might not be what you're looking for: In the POP sprite node you hace scale set to $SX and $SY, you can control the size from there, like add a multiplier for example. Does it help?
  10. Challenge 1: House Of Cards

    Very cool winners. Congratulations!
  11. hi! thanks! about the corridor, I used python RealFlow to generate spawn particles from the bulk of the fluid once the fluid was simulated.
  12. Hi! maharzan, it's the cropping of the texture, just a very quick work on Photoshop, I'll revise it for the final render. Netvudu, what do you say about my brain?!?! Yes that's how I finally made it, I tried creating an attribute only but I had to do the override anyway.