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  1. SESI's marketing of Houdini may be at an all time high , but there's still plenty of dark corners out there: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/showthrea...ed=1#post479192
  2. The Journals look interesting today... is it the same thing?
  3. Multithreading & Gpgpu

    Intel release more details on Larrabee - http://anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/intel/sho...?i=3367&p=1
  4. Our First TV commercial with Mantra

    Really nice I'm looking forward to the making of too. Perhaps SESI might also create a new Customer Story to show-off Mantra...
  5. So how fast is Houdini on a Mac compared to Windows and Linux, if anyone knows?
  6. shoreline wave

    The Flags of out Fathers one is here - http://www.martenlarsson.com/martenlarsson...p;officialmode= - Siggraph 2006: A Procedural Ocean Toolkit.
  7. knitted

    This page - https://graphics.stanford.edu/wikis/cs348b-...er/FinalProject - might be useful.
  8. Houdini 10 Wish List

    Just a minor rfe spurred by the email... Speed up the weight painting brush workflow a bit. If using ZBrush or Silo etc to sculpt with, and then having to come to Houdini afterwards to paint weights, it's really painful (it just feels clumsy and slow). So just borrow a little from what they do . - add an assignable sticky key. I'd see the user having the smooth operation assigned to it most often to allow quick toggling between painting and smoothing, but what ever they fancy really. My preference would be to have this sticky key assigned to the shift key (which is inline with ZBrush / Silo - not sure what other apps do though if there is a standard??). - lmb / rmb are for painting etc - ctrl+rmb is for the operation options popup - mmb drag horizontal to adjust the brush size. - mmb drag vertical to adjust the opacity. - alt+lmb or alt+rmb acts as a sticky key which does the opposite of lmb / rmb. eg: If lmb is set to paint, then alt+lmb acts as reduce and so on... (or perhaps this should be assignable too, but maybe then there'll be too many options??) - also, when painting it'd be convenient to have an option to automatically make the last painted part of the geo act as the pivot for the next viewport navigation tumble action without needing to always press space+z. - finally, some method of quickly dragging the mouse in the viewport to scrub the playbar without actually having to move the mouse to the playbar location. Add some or all of these and painting weights could actually be fun.
  9. Quality Houdini Art

    I think XSI's points create some interesting observations with respect to H9's new direction in fishing for new users. The more familiar feeling UI, Apprentice HD, new pricing etc are all a move in the right direction, but for people new to CG (the kind of people I gather SESI would like to appeal to as a future investment), their first area of interest is usually in modelling - which are why forums are chock to bursting with orcs and faeries - there're just so many modellers about. From a noob's perspective, you need models to animate, shade, light and render. Compared to other apps, first-time impressions of modelling in Houdini must be disappointing. Right there SESI have lost 90% of potential adoptees - people who prefer the experience of modelling in other apps, so do so, and when they come to graduate past modelling they're already sitting pretty with their chosen app... and SESI lose out. Hopefully as H9 is only Part 1 in the new 'make Houdini easier' strategy, SESI will be looking at modelling in the future... well I think it'd make sense anyway. The thing is though, as has been brought up before, there're only a few areas which if improved, would do so much in speeding up the modelling workflow - the tools themselves are (more or less) sound. Just off the top of my head: - Better tweak mode where the handles don't keep popping up and getting in the way. - Efficiencies such as quick Edge Loop and Edge Ring selection by double clicking using the LMB / MMB respectively on an edge (see Silo). - Component Align options. - Multi Selection mode where whatever the mouse is over (point / edge / prim) will automatically be a candidate for selection without any switching required. - More standard image plane setup (currently this scares them off before they even get to do any modelling). - A few new tools which modellers expect from other packages - e.g Append Poly (see current SESI thread), Slide etc... As a start, these are pretty much all minor things but would go so far in making the whole experience more fluid. Finally, SESI need to release a video or two showing modelling in the viewport without any other panes open to dispel the notion that modelling in Houdini is for techheads only. Once it looks easy (which it is) and they've got more people using Houdini (if only for modelling), that's half the battle won, and with any luck modellers will stick around long enough to poke their noses around the rest of Houdini as their interest develops (game, set and match!) - at the very least they'll mention Houdini in forums and that's your free, self-perpetuating advertising taken care of. Silo is a great modeller and sells for $159. Apprentice HD could be a serious consideration for anyone new to CG wishing to start with modelling - it's only $99 (free for regular Apprentice) but comes with so much more. It should be a no brainer...
  10. Great stuff David - cheers!! I'll still be ordering the DVD versions though - haven't got the bandwidth to spare on all this new fangled hi-def VOD stuff... plus I prefer to have a hard copy.
  11. Top 10 Reasons To Use Xsi

    I read on their forums a few months back that they've got a node based particle system in the works that is supposed to be pretty hot. It'll be interesting to see how it pans out as for alot of people particles seem to be the only thing keeping them from taking the plunge with XSI.
  12. Top 10 Reasons To Use Xsi

    You're braver than me to go and say that on their front porch.
  13. Top 10 Reasons To Use Xsi

    Yes, I saw this and it just confirms how low-down and dirty a company Softimage are. XSI is a great product and can stand well enough on it's own two feet without the need for sly cheap-shots at Max. I hope the ad backfires for them. Have they still got the world believing they invented Gator and what about this - http://www.softimage.com/products/xsi/vide...spx?video_id=22 :- sounds alot like a hybrid of otls and takes to me - though granted, with a plusher-looking all-in-one interface (and less flexible too, no doubt ). Someone should set up a blog or something where users can submit false/misleading/underhanded marketing claims where the losing company gets presented with an award at Siggraph. They'll certainly think twice about not playing fair next time round. All said and done, the idea of the ad itself - bullet pointing the main features - is a good one and I'd sure hope SESI do something similar with H9, as the insult aside, it all looks very swish.
  14. Character Modeling Workflow

    I'm excited to see how the new zbrush will make most of these concerns non-issues. The ability to quickly pose your model as you sculpt within zbrush to achieve the best modelling experience, and then repose into a rigging pose before you export is surely going to be a boon. Well that's the theory anyway... we'll have to see if it's really that simple - but the preview vids did look promising.
  15. Fur And Houdini : Images

    I've just seen this. It's a great looking advert for H9. Nice to see this sort of stuff (Houdini) appearing in a mainstream mag too (not that I'd know that it usually doesn't, as I don't buy any mags - but just guessing it doesn't).
  16. Fur And Houdini : Images

    I see that the current 3DWorld mag (#89) has a special on fur - I guess inspired by that conference (?). Our beloved mandrel takes front cover, and Framestore is mentioned... so I guess Andy is sharing some of his wisdom, perhaps.
  17. Would anyone out there be interested in contributing to an H9 video tutorial project. The aim would be to help H9 make a big(ger) impact when it hits the scene (presumably around Siggraph time?). I gather from a recent SESI job posting that there will be official vids from them accompanying H9 (or maybe I'm wrong?)... and of course there are other providers too. So this effort isn't intending to step on toes or duplicate material. But I was thinking that a bunch of stand alone 'eye-candy' style videos from Houdini users each demonstrating something really cool in Houdini (call it showing off ) could go a fair way in attracting-in the casual onlooker type. Hip files are great to learn from, but if you're just passing by and wouldn't otherwise d/l Apprentice, then shiny free videos are a nice first port of call. For inspiration, there are tons of really great hip files dotted around the place that could easily see new life being reworked as vid tuts, I'm sure. So often, as we all know, people unfamiliar with Houdini think its only strengths lie in particles or dynamics
  18. Hi I was wondering if anyone out there with the Microsoft compiler would be kind enough to run off a windows compile of the Terragen Sop over on sourceforge - http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=140048 Thanks, and sorry to be a pain.
  19. Thanks again... and to Mario too.
  20. Cheers Mark - much appreciated. Nice work btw.
  21. H9 Users' Video Tutorial Project.

    I wasn't The plan is to time the release of any videos (developed using the beta) for around the time of the release of H9 gold. Obviously this is all still a way off yet
  22. Rendering Lens Flare ?

    There's a lensflare shader available from here - http://www.camf.com/ I haven't tried it, but maybe it's what you're after?
  23. I see up on the exchange now there is the Fracture asset - http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com...er&Itemid=8 - that should make things easier.Nice work as always, Miguel.
  24. Cool Animation: True Color

    By chance, I came across "True Color" a week or so back over on Supinfocom. There's another one on that site, "Loop", also worth seeing (if you haven't already) - just beautiful. http://www.supinfocom-arles.fr/galerie.php...2004&langue=ang
  25. You beat me too it ABE Yeah, just to reiterate... this could be a one-off opportunity to get-in with some top-notch Houdini training and at an unbelievable bargain price to boot. Anyone who knows Buzz's style, knows what a spot-on teacher he is... and his secret enthusiasm for Houdini. But, providing training has now become his sole income, so it makes sense for him to go where there's the most dollar bills (cough, 'maya'). So if you're just starting out, and you want to learn Houdini from the ground up, register your support at the link ABE posted. Based on the Maya Fundamentals class that he's just run with over 70 hour's of video lecture, if they come up with even half that for a Houdini class it's going to be more than worth it.