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  1. Hi I am trying to create an unrealistic fracture effect. Please see the images below. This is an animation going from a none fracture to a fracture. To get this effect to work correctly there needs to be curvature on the surface of the fracture to the rouning effect. This is really tricky to do. I have tried using a fractured object with soft constraints to keep the roundness of the impact. The fractures move too far away from another. I also tired do some surface fracture but when I animate the dent going in the fracture position change over time. Any advice or technical direction this would be great. test_cracking.hip Crack Surface_test.hipnc
  2. RBD material fracture wood - break soft constraint?

    Hi, Julian thanks for the file! It works great. I don't understand why when using the shelf tools it ads the constraints network above the rigid body solver. I get an error when adding an SOP solver to delete the constraints. R
  3. Hi, How do I go about breaking the soft constraints that have automatically been created by the rbd fracture material? In the one file, I am using connect adjacent pieces and the other, the constraint created by the rbd fracture material. please see attached files. Any advice will be much appreciated. connectadjacentpieces.hiplc glue_soft.hiplc
  4. Hi, I have a few vellum spheres colliding. I want to play a sound file every time the objects collide or get into range from one another? This sound files would be called from a sound file on a drive. Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers E
  5. Realflow user - Flip questions

    Hi, I am a Realflow user looking into Flip. I really like the narrowband effect in Houdini and I think this can be powerful. I am still a bigger with Houdini. The workflow with Realflow is: save your animation from 3dsmax as an SD file. Wire that up to the Domain you want to affect in Realflow and you have your fluid interacting with the fluid. How do I get an FBX or Alembic animation exported from 3dsmax to interact with a flip tank? To my knowledge, you have to convert the object to a static collision object for it to interact with the fluid. This works fine if the object is animated with Houdini but not if it is an alembic or FBX file. What is the workflow? Is it possible to make the flip tank from a custom object? Please see the setup in Realflow below that I want to duplicate in Houdini. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jayv6o6oa8d78gb/realflwo_tank.JPG?dl=0 Thanks!