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  1. If v is your base, and w the clock hand, and n is a reference vector perpendicular to both (this is necessary if you want an angle in 0-360), then the angle is given as atan2(dot(cross(n,v), w), dot(v,w));
  2. Ah, so if I have a face primitive, take two consecutive points on the prim and pass them to findHedgeWithEndPts, use that half-edge. Thanks for that, petz!
  3. If I have a face primitive, how do I find the faces which share an edge with the face? I don't seem to be able to find a function in GEO_HedgeInterface which will do this. And GU_Detail::buildRingZeroPrimitives appears to return all faces which share a point with the face in question, which is not what I need. In VEX, I've done this in a attribute wrangle which runs over primitives by calling primhedge(), which gives me a half-edge in the face, which I can then use to circulate around the face and query for edge neighbours. Any help immensely appreciated! ~Kevin