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  1. Hi everyone, I've got a problem with pop grain. I'm new to houdini so I'm probably missing something. I'm emitting particles from a circular growing selection of a grid with mountain sop. (The polygon selection of the grid is made by mops.) I wanna replicate the effect of sticky blobs of grain growing on a landscape. In dop i do pop grain, set to the desired level of clumping, but when particles comes to a rest they keep spinning in place like crazy or the continue to jump from 1 position to another. I realized it in sops, after copying to point the dopio to an icosahedron which eventually shows the rotation of particles. When clumping is set to 0 the problems disappear, but of course particles run separated from each other. Upping the substeps does a tiny bit better (tiny) I believe that in some way too much energy is involved in constraints or the scale of the animation isn't right. Is there some material you could suggest to get the right knowledge on setting emitting clumpy grain? Could someone take a look at the mess i made in the file? Thanx for attention Luigi pop grains jitter.mp4 grain mops.hiplc