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  1. What's up with the different editions of a GPU?

    Flexibility. I mean, I'm not going to building a system without a GPU and if i'm trying to put something together to not instantly hold me back, or be a bottleneck, I want to get the best thing I can reasonably afford. Would you have any suggestions beyond the 1070/1070i? If I weren't to go for them, what would be a better/alternative option? I know it's all very vague so I'm sorry if i'm not giving you the answers you're looking for here :-/
  2. What's up with the different editions of a GPU?

    The 1080i is more powerful than the 1070i no?.... I don't intend to spend $900-1000 at this point so the 1080i is out
  3. What's up with the different editions of a GPU?

    Well i'm seeing a lot of love for the 1080i, and kinda just scaling back from there to balance performance with budget. Thanks for the 1070i link!
  4. What's up with the different editions of a GPU?

    Nothing specific really. Why the 1070i over the 1070? ...where in specs can I see the difference when researching cards?
  5. What's up with the different editions of a GPU?

    Thanks. I'm juggling each component against each other trying not to spend an absolute fortune but also don't want to defeat the purpose of a new system by cutting back too far. Right now, I think i'm going to stick with the 1070.
  6. What's up with the different editions of a GPU?

    Sure..but with the 1070s listed in the link, they're all the same except for minor differences in clock speed, but even then there's one 1.51GHz at $613 and another at $548
  7. I'm looking into graphics cards and i'm finding it hard to nail down exactly what to go for in terms of balancing budget with performance. Obviously getting the 1080ti would be better than the 1070 but there is, of course, the massive difference in price. Just within the 1070 model, limited to EVGA there are still multiple versions to decide between. Is there much wrong with going for the cheapest one? https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/products/video-card/#c=369&m=14&sort=price thanks everyone.
  8. Hi, I'm struggling to find the overall parameter to control the amount of displacement noise on the Classic Shader. I've got a custom attribute holding colour data and can easily plug this in to control the diffuse colour, refraction intensity, etc but where do i control the actual amount of displacement? Controlling the amplitude/turbulence doesn't seem to be enough. thanks.