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  1. Strange pixelation in Fire

    Ok thanks, I'll give that a try. The reason why it's so small is because I camera tracked a scene with an object about 25cm / 0.25m so the scale is accurate in Houdini. So I should scale it up some? Won't that affect the way the pyro simulates the same way it does with other simulations, making them appear slower in a smaller scene?
  2. Strange pixelation in Fire

    Hey all, I'm getting some strange pixelation issues in my fire render. I was playing with various settings all night yesterday. I'd love to get past this part and start working on the look of it. Has anyone ran into something like this before? To give you an idea of scale, the model is 25cm. I would attach a .hip file but I'm using a bgeo cache for some elements, including the fluid source. Thanks for any help in advance
  3. Pyrofx smoke render issue

    Yep. It's looking much better now.
  4. Pyrofx smoke render issue

    Thanks vtrvtr. I actually had similar issues with rendering particles, or so I thought, and couldn't find any answers for that issue after sifting through google but this seems to be a different issue. Thanks for pointing it out to me. I will read the docs and give it a go soon.
  5. Pyrofx smoke render issue

    Hey all, After following the billowy smoke tutorial I gave it a render but I'm having issues with the results. It doesn't look much like what I'm seeing in the viewport or what I've seen in other renders. It looks grainy, especially on the edges where it's less dense. I've attached a viewport screen grab, the render and .hip file. I'd really appreciate any help I can get with this one. billowysmoke_renderissue.hip
  6. Ah ok. I think I read about that somewhere.
  7. Awesome. That works perfectly. I'll take a closer look and study what you've done in my scene. Thanks again. Btw what did you need to change in that file in order for it to work properly in Houdini 15?
  8. Hi Sepu, Thank you so much for the quick response and help! I spent hours upon hours of trying to figure this out and here you got it done in an hour I bet haha There seems to be an issue when I play the scene back though. I can see the switch at frame 7 but nothing happens, the ball just bounces off, no explosion. I apologize if there's something obvious I should be doing but I just started learning Houdini. Should it just sim as expected in your flipbook? I should mention that when opening the file I got a bunch of errors("Load warnings…") but I assume that's because the creature geo is offline until I relink it. Thanks again
  9. Hey all,I've spent countless hours over the last few days trying to get this scene to work correctly. Just started learning Houdini over the last 2 weeks.The idea is a simple collision between some spheres and a fractured creature object. I've attached an illustration just to be absolutely clear as to what my goal is. I'm just trying to get the sphere to hit certain parts of the fractured object and have pieces of it fly out. Think of throwing a fast steel ball at a 6ft tall stone statue how pieces would break apart and fly away. The blue arrows represent the direction you'd expect the fractured pieces to fly and the blue bits represent the fractured pieces.I've tried tweaking all the usual parameters(in glue constraint, physical tabs, sub steps, convex hull vs concave etc.) but I get either 1.) it all breaks apart 2.) A small breakage with the parts refusing to settle in their places, sometimes popping out unnaturally after a second or so 3.) The breaks run too deep to the underside of the creature, shooting for a few inches deep 4.)other various unnatural looking results.I attached the .hip file as well along with the creature bgeo. Could someone kindly take a look and see if you can get some decent results or give some advice as to how to go about doing this correctly? Maybe I'm overlooking something or taking the wrong approach.Thanks in advance for any help you can give creature_fractured_wpointandedgeattributes_intermediate3.bgeo simplefracture_RBDGlue_sphereandcreature_help.hip