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  1. Crowd Usd Export

    Did you have any luck with this? I posted a question on the Think Procedural discord about houdini crowd to 3ds max/vray and got a response pointing me towards USDSkel, but I haven't been able to find much documentation of that beyond Pixar docs.
  2. I think I might be running into the same issue. i'm creating a "tempvel" field using a gas analysis node and then pushing this through a gas calculate to get some nice smoke action. This works exactly as I want it to using the old smoke solver. I'm having no luck with the exact same setup using the sparse smoke solver. I know it's a reference field somewhere I'm not referencing but I can't for the life of me figure it out. Anybody had any luck with this? Does have something to do with the "Stencil Field" in the gas analysis node or is it something in the gas calculate? I have attached a test file below if anybody has time to take a look at it. sparse_vs_original_flavor_v001.hip
  3. Industrial Smoke Plume Help

    I know this is a year later but...did you ever come to a solution you were happy with for this? I'm doing some column type sims right now as well and having the same "activity vs breaking up too much" issues.
  4. I have a suspicion this is a tick box somewhere and I just can't find it. Is it possible during crowd setup to include mirroring as one of the randomization options? currently all of my guys are carrying their weapons in their right hands. is there any sort of way to mirror some percentage of agents and their associated clips so they are left handed?
  5. Invalid Bindary Token

    you are very correct on this. That is quite a minor major detail. I made the thread when I was tired and desperate. I can't find anywhere to change the thread title so I think I need to leave it?
  6. Invalid Bindary Token

    I copied the whole project down to a local drive and was at least able to get a whole sim out. I still can't load in that original alembic geo. If I load it in as a point cloud it's fine but the moment I try to bring in the whole geo with primitives I crash.
  7. I've been working with a file for a couple weeks, versioning up frequently as I go. Never any issues with it until this morning. First it was crashing on stratup but I was able to isolate that to one of the ABCs it was loading (had never been an issue until today). I resolved that but now I'm getting an "Invalid Primary Token" error when I load a FLIP file cache. 95% of frames are as they should be but every once in awhile I get an empty frame. When I look at the files the are approximately the same size as their neighbors but the file cache doesn't seem to want to load them. I've tried saving out compressed and uncompressed--still getting the same errors. This is in Houdini 18.0.416. Has anybody run in to this and solved it before? I've run the sim a couple times and it still happens. Doesn't seem to be consistently the same frame. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    I found the wrist flexor and extensor stretches shown here to be helpful when I started to get Carpal Tunnel issues in my elbow. There might be a youtube video that better shows how to do them. Also--too much League of Legends is NOT helpful. Surprisingly my issues started to pop up after a year of playing a game that involves constant clicking (multiple clicks per second) for 30-45 minutes at a time. Once I put 2 and 2 together and took a break from LoL my issues went away. Just mentioning that because I was dense and the causal relationship between the 2 games didn't occur to me for awhile. personally I'll second (or third) the mentions above about good posture and the proper elbow/wrist relationship. If I get lazy and start to lapse on those two things I notice some pain starting to sneak back in.
  9. Hello all I need a fluid to follow the surface of an animated "ribbon" (just a plane path deformed on to a helix curve with a large animated noise deformation applied to it). I don't believe I can use a curve force because I want the fluid to maintain the flat shape of the ribbon as much as possible along its course. I've attempted to use the "VOP POP/velocities from normals" solution shown at the beginning of the tutorial here (thanks Atom!) but that seems to have no effect on my fluid. The only thing that's giving me any sort of result is turning my geo normals to velocites, moving those to a volume, then applying those to my flipsolver ("sourcevolume" node inputting to the volume velocity input of the "flipsolver" node). The problem with that is the particles follow the ribbon but when the ribbon moves its velocities move with it and leave a bunch of particles behind and they just stop. They start moving again when the ribbon velocities move back through them. I am looking for a setup that more closely sticks to my ribbon whilst maintaining lovely fluid type properties. I've attached an example scene and the alembic file it references. I very much appreciate an help you guys might be able to provide. I'm a Houdini noob and I'm sure there's some fairly basic stuff I'm messing up here. Nate FLIP_Ribbon.zip