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  1. Guiide geometry for Shattered pieces incorrect

    New Problem: After simulation the pieces kind of "dart" away from each other - Like some explosion... I am sure there is a Slider,to adjust this... Just cant find it... Is there a good tutorial about shattering out there, or can somebody help me, poor unprofessional guy?...TTestArm.mb TestArmShatter_v04_1511.hipnc
  2. Guiide geometry for Shattered pieces incorrect

    Thanks! It worked - i tried it before, but i didnt set it to 0. Now I had to use glue force, othervise the parts are forced outwards, but it works! Thanks again Zac
  3. Hallo, I have following problem: If I shatter an Object in Houdini, the smaller pieces get an inaccurate guide geometry for the collisions. The Geometry Representation Type is: Convex Hull. Does anyone know a way to make this representation accurate? Would really appreciate it, as the smaller pieces are only spinning around now... Thanks, Zac ShatterGuideGeometryTestproj.hipnc
  4. PleasePleasePlease help! Pintoanimation NOT WORKING FOR WEEKS

    Wow, thank you, thank you, thank you it finally works. But I still dont get, how to put it into the group field. I dont see any changes compared to my first project in the group node, but there must be some... Thank you again! I am so happy now. Zac
  5. Hallo, I am triing to make an "Ash" simulation for weeks, but it just doesnt work. I tried to do everything like in Peter Quints tutorial about the peeling effect but it doesnt work. The f@pintoanimation = 0; does not set the pinning to 0 and it is VERY annoying. Can somebody PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE help??? I would really-really appreciate it... Thanks Zac PintoanimationCloth Tear.hipnc ParticleAndClothSim.hipnc