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  1. RBD pre-solve intersection?

    Hi, here is my attempt. A loop iterating over every pieces and moving the piece if it is intersecting with other. Hope that can help. rbd_test_v001.hiplc
  2. Exporting ocean geo without displacement

    Thanks for your answer, First I thought of this method but this was giving me really uneven geo so I switched to an other method which is to create a grid, substract the simulated area with a boolean and merge everything then apply a noise on this geo except the masked part of the geo which is simulated.
  3. Hi everyone, I am searching for a way to export ocean geometry from houdini without using displacement (because I must render it after with octane and octane is terrible handling displacement), the idea is to export real geometry instead of displacement maps as you would do normally. Sort of combining the ocean evaluate (simulated area) with the ocean preview (out of ocean spectra) meshes in one mesh (see pictures attached) Can someone help me on how to do that ? Thanks