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  1. Hello masters, I think i have a fairly easy question. I'm trying to copy 5 different geos (cube blocks) on mesh grid points in a way that the 5 geos occupy all the points randomly and also the Y rotation for each block is different in increment of 45 degrees angle from each other. I've been trying to lay a mesh grid, use sort, group expression and group combine to select random points and so far the block positioning work. However, i'd like to add more randomness as some of the cubes are positioned aside each other due to the sort node. Also, i'm not finding a solution to rotate the blocks in Y randomly in 45 degrees increments. Does anyone know how to do that? I attached the file that i've worked on. (i didn't attached the objs i've been using but consider them like a piramid, cone, torus or any other platonic. Any help is appreciated. Tiles_OdForce.hiplc
  2. Copy geos on grid with random position and rotation

    hey acey195, Your snippet worked perfectly! It is somewhat faster than the node compilation and it is really nice to have the explanation embedded on it. I understood most of it but if you don't mind, i have a few questions about your code and would like to get some info about it. For instance, this code line: v@N = {0, 0, 1}; I understand the v@up in Y as i want the rotation to happen in Y but how come a positive normal vector in Z if the modification is a rotation on the Y axis? And then this code line: v@N = v@N * rotationMatrix; This is multiplying the positive normal vector in Z with and empty matrix (indent()). Could you please explain this line? Once again, thank you for the help! Much appreciated.
  3. Copy geos on grid with random position and rotation

    Hey acey195, Thank you so much for the info. Researching the web, I've noticed that a lot of people are mentioning the aversion to the "copy stamp" node and instead showing preference for the "for each" and "for loop" nodes. When using the "copy stamp" node, i noticed that if i'm working on a point grid instead of a mesh grid, the transformation doesn't quite work as expected but as soon as i convert it to mesh, it works. Not as i expected though. Your point about rotating the points before copying the geos is exactly what i tried to do but rotating points using the standard grid in points mode and using the "copy stamp" has been a bit challenging. I'll definitely check the video that you sent and also your code. It looks really simple and it might perform way better than using the nodes. Appreciate your help. Best.
  4. Organic Modeling

    Hello masters and apprentices, I've been wondering if there is a way to create some complex organic modeling in Houdini. Something similar to the images below. Any idea on how to start this but not on a sphere or cube? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Organic Modeling

    Yes, agree. It is kinda complicated at first...with my little knowledge in python i can understand some parts of the coding but far from comprehend the whole combined script. However, as you mentioned, wiring the whole thing up can be much easier to understand what is happening. I will follow your advice. Regarding the Houdini terms, noted. The letter "d" in the end makes a big difference (isosurface vs isosurfaced) Again, thank you so much for all the info and willingness to share your knowledge. It is been pure joy exploring 3D in Houdini, amazing piece of software.
  6. Organic Modeling

    f1480187 this is brilliant!! thank you for the guidance and for sharing, definitely a sharp solution for the question. I heard that the OpenCL implementation makes things really interesting in Houdini. The coding part in the hip file looks daunting but i will dive in it, have to get it! Cheers!
  7. Organic Modeling

    This seems to be the path to get it right f1480187. Thank you! However, not there yet....the soft radius of the edit node makes the surface intersect a lot but the iso surface node is very interesting. I could find a diffusion reaction implementation but when attached to the clipped sphere, the surface gets micro-chopped and looses all the resolution. Also, what do you mean when you say "rise points by resulting value"? Another thing, duplicate grids, clip and extrude? So many questions....i've been trying to dissect your instructions but so far could not go too far. f1480187 would you know where i can find more info about iso surface? i tried the help docs but there is not much except the explanation that this node uses implicit functions and can help visualize grade 12 mathwork.
  8. small exercises for beginners

    The sublime editor is neat! Thanks for the tip ikoon
  9. small exercises for beginners

    Great advices, jonmoore and Yon. Thanks for sharing!
  10. small exercises for beginners

    Hello BlackListed Guy, Try Matt Estela's wiki page: http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/?title=Houdini
  11. Differential curve growth

    Amazing! Thank you for taking the time to share.
  12. Organic Modeling

    I absolutely agree with you and that is where i am at. The multi-thread nature + VEX + VDB approach on its own is already a ridiculously powerful way to create generative designs and the guys at Entagma are definitely expanding the way Houdini can be utilized. I watched those videos that you mentioned many times and both are really good materials. Manuel and Moritz are doing a much better job than a lot of those paid tutorial archive websites out there. For someone with extense 3D background, Houdini can still present a steep learning curve but it definitely worth it and i'm enjoying every second of it while learning. I'll keep cracking my head on the beautiful solution presented by f1480187 and perhaps post something in here.
  13. Organic Modeling

    That is very interesting! Thanks for the start, will try it and see how it goes.
  14. Organic Modeling

    Hi Jon, Thanks for sharing the info. I've checked the entagma content for quite a while, they have great tuts over there but i was wondering if there are more approaches out there to this type of modeling.
  15. Spyrogif

    Hey Spyrogif, Out of my curiosity, how many years have you worked in Houdini to achieve these?
  16. Curly Abstract Geometry

    Thank you so much for the explanation, really clear and easy to understand. I'll keep digging Houdini and will definitely check Matt Estela's website, great material in there too. Many thanks to Matt for putting all of that together!
  17. Curly Abstract Geometry

    Thanks for the info, @f1480187. This forum seems to be one of, if not the best, resources out there for Houdini. Great stuff! My question is more regarding where to begin understanding VEX. I'm fairly new to wrangling but almost 20 of 3D and also do have a little background in python. You know, one can spend days, maybe years researching programming languages but I wanted to know what would be a good way to start learning geometry manipulation through Houdini or where to start, at least, learning more about how to use VEX in Houdini and how to use that data to manipulate geometry (i.e.: extrusion with ramp, grid creation, for each loops etc.). I've been watching Jeff Wagner's and Rohan Dalvi's videos but i'm catching myself watching them repeatedly. They are definitely good materials and are helping a lot. Houdini's learning curve is pretty steep but i'm impressed with what this software can do, incredible. Regarding the coding lines on your example, i didn't quite understand lines 4 and 5. What is the delta for? What the cross function is doing? Is it acting on the particle velocity channel? Last, what is the reason for using the "fit" function on the noise, how come @P * 25 ? Newbie questions....any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  18. Curly Abstract Geometry

    Hey f1480187 Beautiful solution using advect points. Checking the wrangle nodes in your scene, some of the code lines don't make sense to me. That said, would you know where i can grab more info about how you came up with that solution?
  19. Knitting with SideFX Houdini?

    The link is not working. Can you please repost it?