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  1. 11 hours ago, ThomasPara said:

    Heres a simple try, i dont know what speeds you want. Its a copy inside this one aswell



    Thank you Thomas, this seems to work perfectly but I have no idea whats happening in your wrangles, I'll definitely spend some time studying your code. Great!


    10 hours ago, vicvvsh said:

    no interior points/faces


    or use VDB Visualize Tree SOP




    Thanks vicvvsh, this sort of works but it creates interior geometry, and furthermore the leaf nodes don't seem to align to the point centers:


  2. Hi, I was messing around with 3D grids of boxes in the past, as well as low res volumes/vdb but I never figured out how to generate "boxy" volumes, or box grids with interior faces removed, making a compound shape with no interor geometry.

    Is this generally difficult to achieve? I think my main problem is terminology and difficulty to accurately search for help on the topic. So any help will be appreciated as I try to dive back in!

    My last attempt was making basic cellular automata with cubes, it gets very heavy if you output a high res grid with all the interior box faces, which you never see anyway.



  3. Hello, I have a feeling this is a common issue, but its a bit hard to explain / search for a solution. I've imported an animated alembic file, used unpack to get the points and put it through a trail node to get the point velocities, the problem is that the point count changes as some of the objects "disappear", so you get brief flicks of extreme velocity as the point IDs shuffle, I am curious about the method(s) for dealing with this problem..

    Thank you