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  1. Particles from particles

    Absolutely amazing setup! Thank you very much! Got a question, is there a way to offset the replicator, so not all the particles duplicate every 24 frame but say some particles every 20, others at 15 and so on, or if possible to control it by age, for example? So it splitting wouldn't look too uniform.
  2. Particles from particles

    Hi everyone, Is it possible to achieve this effect? There's a particle. It gives birth another particle right form the first particle position. We've got two particles. Then these two particles give birth other two new particles from the position of their parents. We've got 4 partcles. Then these 4 particles give birth other new 4 particles. We've got 8 particles. And so on. The spawn position of the new particles have to be exactly the same as their parents one. So it's kinda look like particle division or duplicating or splitting into more particles. I tried to replicate them. But it wont work the way I need. Emitting position of new particles is random. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you! I'll try that. Sounds complicated though
  4. Hi everyone, Can't get why the RBD solver doesn't take all the geometry generated with Copy to points. It only take the first object and ignore the others that coming in later. Also collisions don't work either even though it looks like it's setup correctly. Please, help! geo_collisions.hip
  5. It's unpacked but still doesn't behave as it should. The scene is slightly different but it's very close to the previous setup in terms of vellum. sphere_div_vellum.hip
  6. Ojh ok, it's just because I get this weird trail contains of the geometry itself.
  7. Thanks for your quick reply Andrea! I’ll try it later today and post the result. Update: thank you for the fixed scene. I just dived into it. As far as I noticed you added a DOP network and then somehow configured it to work with vellum. It'd be really helpful if you could explain why you did it that way, even in a few words )). Anyway, thank you very much man!
  8. Hello everyone! I'm trying to make a setup with spheres born in another sphere using vellum. So basically speaking, I have a Pop network shooting particles, then I feed it into a Copy to Points node and then to Vellum Configure. It works but the problem is that it takes only the first particle and ignore the others. I guess I need to update something inside vellum but can't figure out what's exactly. Can anyone take a look at the attached scene and point me out to possible solution, please? Thank you a lot in advance. sphere_vellum.hip
  9. Ocean spectra with Redshift

    The answer is here:
  10. VEX code won't work as expected

    Thanks a lot! God knows, I tried that before too but for some reason it didn't work either. Just tired it now and it does work :). Magic :).
  11. Hi everyone, I'm learning VEX in Houdini (as probably everyone here). Recently I tried to recreate a float Attribute in Point Wrangler using VEX. My attribute was a simple math: @ptnum / @numpt When I create this with the Attribute Create node it works fine. But if I do the same in the Point Wrangler it doesn't. I'm trying to realise why not because "logically" it should work. Obviously, I'm missing something there. Please see the attached screenshots. Thanks in advance!