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  1. Impact Splashes

    Thank you Albert and thank you Peter. Great input from both. I appreciate it!
  2. Impact Splashes

    Hello, How would you go about in order to create this effect in houdini? http://vimeo.com/12370116 Any pointers you can give me in order to put me in the right track? Thank you in advance, Tiago
  3. use deforming object as particle fluid object

    Thank you very much for your answer Jeff. It (and the hip file) was much more than I hoped for. Kind regards, Tiago
  4. Hello, Is is possible to transform a deformed/animated object (bgeo sequence) into a particle fluid object? I only see the use object transform toggle, and the particles don't seem to follow the animated bgeo sequence. Thanks in advance, T
  5. Feathered bounding box

    Exactly that! Thanks again
  6. Feathered bounding box

    Thanks for your help Marc. What I meant was I couldn't use that fog as bounding box (to clip information from some geometry for instance...)
  7. Hi, How can I do a bounding box with feathered edges, in regular SOP mode. I tried using a fog volume but to no avail... Thank you, T
  8. thanks, i tried $F but forgot the 3 or the 4... i guess i wasn't too convinced since it was being done in dos mode. but the *.* didn't work so i should have known
  9. Hello, Does anyone knows hot to render an ifd sequence from the command line? I've rendered an ifd file successfully (mantra -f filename.ifd), but I'm not able to render an all sequence... I've also checked on the help file (http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini9.5/rendering/commandline) but it isn't clear... Thank you very much, Tiago
  10. Bevel and UVs

    Thank you guys, Polygons wouldn't do for me in that case, but vertices worked great. And I thought that I already pressed all those buttons... Too much time in front of the computer maybe Tiago
  11. Bevel and UVs

    Hello, I have to use a bevel after the uv unwrap, and it messes up the uv map, which I already knew. My problem is: I tried to UV edit the messed up points, but it's not possible to select just the ones I want, since others that are correctly placed in the uv map move as well... Anyone as an idea why this happens and what are the ways around it? Thank you very much in advance, Tiago
  12. I don't know if it has something to do with Houdini 9 being different or just blindness from my part, but I can
  13. Which Version Of Linux And Houdini

    Update: My graphic card driver wasn't set correctly With Envy text script I was able to make it work.
  14. Which Version Of Linux And Houdini

    Thanks for the input guys. So I installed, through boot camp, Ubuntu 7.10 64bits (alternate cd) on my macbook pro. After some tweaking on the graphic card driver (nvidia geforce 8600m gt, 256MB), everything is working fine. However, I installed Houdini 9 apprentice (ubuntu 64 bits version), but when I run it, it gets slow, and after a couple of minutes the laptop freezes completly. Anyone knows what it might be? Any suggestions to fix the problem? Thanks!
  15. Hello, Maybe you guys can help me. I have a macbook pro intel c2d and I want to install Houdini Apprentice. For that, I need to install linux. Should I go for linux 32 or 64 bit? What are the big advantages of one against the other? And what are the differences between linux i686 gcc3.3 and the other 32 bit versions? Thank you for your help, Tiago