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  1. bbox (beginner question)

    Hi anicg I entered the expressions directly into the sphere and torus nodes ie. I dispensed with the transform nodes. If you enter the expressions in the transform nodes you need to reference the original nodes rady parameters in the sphere and torus nodes. At the moment you are trying to reference a rady parameter in the transform node(which doesn't have a rady parameter). This is why you are getting the error message. For example, you need to change ch(rady) in the sphere transform node to ch("../sphere1/rady"). Hope this makes sense. Mal
  2. bbox (beginner question)

    Hi anicg If you start with all the objects at the origin then you need to move the sphere centre in Y direction using the expression bbox("../box1", D_YMAX) + ch(rady). This moves the sphere on top of the box. Then for the torus you need to move the torus centre in Y direction using bbox("../sphere1", D_YMAX) + ch(rady). This moves the torus on top of the sphere. Thereafter, you can alter the y parameter of the sphere and torus and they will stay on top of each other. Cheers Mal
  3. Curves Boolean

    Hi Ali See my response in the Houdini forum(use CurveSect SOP). Cheers Mal