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  1. Trying to export whitewater to Unity Editor (alembic)

    I'll investigate about that, thank you
  2. Hi there! I am trying to use my flip fluids sim in unity, so I export it as alembic; everything works fine, except for the whitewater. I supposed that is because it is points and not geometry, any clue about how could I use my whitewater in Unity? Thank you all
  3. Hi there! I am trying to make a simple example of RBD, so I duplicate the Pighead using copy to points and I want to see them crashing with the objects, but they are all stick together and I don't know how to make them to collision individually. Any clue? I hope you understand what I'm trying to do, I have attached my scene. thank you all! test.hipnc
  4. Why polywire is not showing all the geometry (SOLVED)

    Thank you very much toadstorm! you made my day
  5. Hi there! I am studying the "Designing VEX Driven Digital Assets" course by Jonathan Granskog, to create trees on houdini, but I have a problem and (as usually) I don't understand why it is not working. It is suppose to create the trunk using the attribute width and the branches, using also width attribute (but before width, it was branch_width) and I can't understand why my polywire only generate the trunk and not the branches. Any clue? Thank you all in advance and sorry if my English is not the best one in the community, have a nice day! tree_generator_v2.hip