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  1. Got things working, heres how to deactivate a force forever upon impact: Some notes: DOPs will report an error if you attach your data to Geometry/MyData, it doesn't if you put in Position. Also, it seems that the dopnumrecords("dopnet","rbdobj","Impacts","Impacts") only records the impacts of fractured pieces within a single RBD, not impacts between two RBDs? So for example I had one RBD with strong constraints and another with weak, when they collided the weak broke and impacted with itself turning off the curve force, but the strong constraints didn't so it never recorded an impact resulting in the curve force staying on. I can work with that by having very weak constraints at the edges of my geo, but ideally there's another way...
  2. Does anyone know how I can access the boolean value I'm setting with the Modify Data node in DOPS. Basically following this (page 121) but it doesn't actually explain how to use the dopfield expression to access the boolean. I would like to use it to activate a force. EDIT: After reading as many forums as possible I'm still stuck. But, I think I need to initialize my data with an Empty Data node? Still my dopfield expression doesn't work.
  3. Just realized I dont need my curve geo to be in a SOP Solver for it to update every frame in DOPS. Thinking maybe I'll make two tools, one that makes the geo and orbit curve, and another that sets up DOPS for each, then just copy and paste and change paths individually. Only downfall is I might have to do this for hundreds of asteroids and I'm sure there's a more clever way but my coding is limited.
  4. found this: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/49495/?page=1#post-223617 now Im not sure I'm going about this right. any insight would be much appreciated.
  5. Hi, I have an effect where I want to create multiple orbiting asteroids, eventually they will be fractured, constrained, and collide with each other as orbits change. So far I have put my RBD Packed Object into a MultiSolver with a POP Curve Force that references a path in a SOP solver as the first attached data, followed by a Bullet Solver. That works well for one asteroid, or for multiple asteroids on the same orbit. Im wondering if theres a way to only need to make one RBD Packed Object but have each named packed prim follow a different curve? It'd be even cooler to only have to make one POP Curve Force that actually references different paths per names, but if thats not possible then I will have to create a POP Curve Force for each asteroid, my question in that case is what parameter do I need to assign to my geo to be able to do this? I see under 'Bindings' on the POP Curve Force a channel named Geometry with "Geometry" as the default, if I change this to anything else my asteroids aren't affected by the force anymore, is there anyway to set this in SOPS per asteroid? multiple_orbits.hipnc