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  1. Hi, I am trying to access the Vellum visualization attributes so I can use them when rendering. (Stretch Stress, Bend Stress, Stretch Distance, etc.) Does anybody know how to access them directly? Thank you!
  2. sinus loop/cycle

    Awesome, that works great! Thank you!
  3. sinus loop/cycle

    Hey everybody, I am trying to make a simple sinus animation loop in a seamless way. If I am not mistake it should somehow work with combining sin($F), $FPS and $FEND is that correct? Unfortunately I was not able to figure it out so far and it seams like it is not as easy as I thought!? Thank you!
  4. Copy to Points - Foreach

    thanks, that should do the trick! would still be interesting if it works with groups as well!
  5. Copy to Points - Foreach

    Hey! I was wondering how to copy Geo to points using the Foreach Loop block, but without using a switch. Instead I am trying to use groups to switch between the input Geo. Unfortunately I was not successful yet. Maybe anybody has an idea what I am doing wrong here? Best, M CopyLoop_01.hip
  6. Output render file naming

    This is great, thank you!
  7. Output render file naming

    Hey! I was wondering if anybody knows how to bring the camera name into the file name when rendering with redshift. I was trying to use the following today: "$HIP/render/$HIPNAME`_``chsop("RS_renderCamera")``_`$F4.exr" the problem is that `chsop("RS_renderCamera")` gives you not only the camera name but puts the /obj in the beginning: "/obj/cam1". So when you render, instead of naming the file "Name_01_cam1_0001" it creates a subfolder called "obj" I was wandering if there is a possibility to strip the beginning of a string or another solution to get the camera name into the file name. Something like $CAMERANAME would be nice Best, M I tried this one, it didn't work for me, I guess its for mantra?! https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/55206/
  8. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    - Would be cool if the color picker lets you quickly pick color from wherever you want on your screens, like from a picture in the browser or other software.
  9. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    yes please! C4D has a similar system but this looks even better!
  10. Points follow points

    ah nice, thank you! That's very helpful! I did not know about this
  11. Points follow points

    I was tinkering around a bit more but it still does not look satisfying. It would be great to be able to control the amount of how much the particles inherit the position of the pre-animated points. pop_transfer_vel_01.hiplc
  12. Points follow points

    Hello everybody! I would like to simulate particles on top of pre-animated / pre-simulated (cached) points. So far I only managed to do the "transfer v attribute inside a sop solver" trick. Unfortunately it does not give me the result I imagine. Instead of inheriting only the velocity I would rather like the points to be attracted by the pre-animated points so they tumble around and follow them the animated ones. Basically I am trying to animate some points and then do a simulation on top of it to give it a more natural feel and to be able to art direct the simulation better. I would greatly appreciate if somebody could give me a hint or a solution on how to do that? Thank you! Here is my current progress (particles inherit v): pop_transfer_vel.hiplc