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  1. I've used Houdini and Unreal separately for a while, but just started checking out Houdini Engine. Many of the things I'd like to do involves baking of both geometry and textures. How can I bake textures and output them directly into unreal, preferably connecting them to a new and/or old material? Is there a step-by-step or tutorial that shows this? Can't find exactly what I'm looking for.
  2. HDA with multiple outputs

    I was afraid that might be the case. Thanks.
  3. I'm making an HDA that takes a heightfield input and lets the user create a mask on/from it, with a simple interface. Now, if I want to be able to create several masks, can I let the user set the amount of masks to be created/edited? I would like to create tabs with identical interfaces, one for each mask. Can this be done?
  4. HDA with multiple outputs

    Hi. I need to the outputs to "output" in the top level obj context (sorry if I get the terminology wrong). The vellum nodes work inside geo nodes, right?
  5. HDA with multiple outputs

    Hi. Is it possible to have an HDA with multiple outputs? I've googled and searched here, but can't find a definitive answer (that I, as a beginner, understand anyway). I would like to have an output with a heightfield and one with geometry.
  6. Force Houdini to release files?

    I'm converting a lot of my Max and Maya assets to Houdini, so it sounds like FBX might actually be better for now. When I get in to making actual scenes with new, "hand made" models I'll check USD out. I have no experience with USD in Max/Maya, but I will check it out now. I know I had problems with textures, but now that you mention it I'm not sure what format that was. Maybe I stumbled on an error and assumed it was a general texture problem. Sounds like it was en EXR, then, thanks. Thanks for the insights!
  7. Force Houdini to release files?

    I'm using alembic mostly because that seems to be the newer and better format, but coming from Modo/Max/Maya, I've always used FBX. I'm not animating anything, these are just static meshes, is alembic overkill in that case? Textures are mostly TIF's.
  8. Force Houdini to release files?

    Hi. I'm loading a lot of alembics and textures that I update in other programs. My problem is that I can't save the new versions with the same filename since Houdini locks the files. Like the title says, can I get Houdini to release loaded file without removing the node?
  9. Sounds like alembic archives might be the way to go if I get there. Or a python script, once I learn Houdini python. Thanks again.
  10. Thank you very much! That video had lots of good info (the link points to your vimeo dashboard, by the way), I'll try it out. This will work perfectly for what I need now, but for future reference: if I want to single out specific objects from an alembic file (each object has a corresponding group), how would I do that?
  11. Hi. Thanks for answering. I didn't know there was an alembic archive node, I'll check it out when I'm in front of Houdini. About your second answer: Would you happen to have an example of how that works? How do I pick the individual elements to be used for scattering? I have the scatter set up, I just need the objects to feed it. Thanks.
  12. Hi. Newbie question again. I'm exporting a lot of my 3ds max assets (grass patches etc) to Houdini and I need them for scattering, which means I need to be able to pick individual objects. I'm exporting using alembic and each object inside the alembic have a group, but I can't figure out how to separate them. I found posts about writing a python script that separates each group into geo, but I'd prefer a less manual way, if there is one, since the contents of the alembic might change. What's the best way to do this? Thank you.
  13. Sorry, I missed your answer. Thanks for answering. I solved it in another way that turned out to be cleaner.
  14. Nobody? Like I say, I'm new to Houdini and maybe these are very basic questions, but I'm a bit stuck. Maybe there's a better way to build a daylight system?