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  1. Nobody? Like I say, I'm new to Houdini and maybe these are very basic questions, but I'm a bit stuck. Maybe there's a better way to build a daylight system?
  2. Hi. Newbie question. Like the title says, I'm trying to get the real world position of an object inside a SOP. Have googled and searched and found a few different answers, none of which worked for me. What I'm trying to do: I'm building a daylight system. I have a SOP that moves/rotates a null depending on season and time of day - outside SOP I have a sun light that I want to somehow link to the null, but I can't figure out how. Any help appreciated.
  3. Hi. New to Houdini. I'm doing landscapes and I'm having some problems with UV scaling. I have several landscapes/heightfields in different sizes (depending on how close to the camera) and I want to use the same material for all of them. How can I get a consistent UV scale, i.e. “real world scale”, without having to calculate sizes etc manually? In 3ds Max you can apply a UV modifier, set it to real world scale and you're good to go. (Asked this on the Houdini forums, decided to try here instead)
  4. Hi. I'm looking to replace modo as my main tool, but I'm running into walls, workflow-wise, when trying modeling in houdini (been following tuts etc). I get that poly modeling isn't houdini's strength, but being an experimenter and a tinkerer I really like what I would be able to do in houdini down the line and I'm prepared to put some time into it. My question is, can I create my own modeling tools in houdini, basically? For example, the bridge tool in houdini: select one polygon, activate tool, select second polygon, press enter, adjust. It's just very clunky, following this 1, 2, 3 step every time you want to bridge. In Houdini, with or without python scripting, can I make a tool that takes two polygons (or polygon islands) and creates an adjustable bridge between them in one click/keypress, for example? tl;dr: Can I create my own modeling tools in houdini? Thanks! edit: I don't mean from scratch, of course, more "can I make the existing tools behave differently?".